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  • Which is better?

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    • Here is a recent article on how cricket is hiring baseball coaches.


    • I watched both cricket and baseball at professional level and I find baseball and cricket very much at the same level. You have to be drunk and bored to find these two games entertaining. If you look at cricket for example you have tea time in the middle of the game, for baseball goes you play until someone wins. At least in baseball they don't have those five days matches between two teams with the exception to the playoffs or world series where becomes a best of 7 games advances. Between the chose of American football and Rugby, no match, rugby is a man sport. By the way I am an American, I find most American sports boring.

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      • I believe cricket is much better than baseball... first reason is that there is more action in cricket... if you hit the ball you can make a tight run where as in baseball a tight run to first base is always out unless you get a home run! and i do not see much skill in baseball, in cricket field settings are important in how the games goes, in baseball the field always seems the same. baseball, swing the bat like a insane nutter and hope to get a clean connection, in cricket and insane shot like that will get you caught in the slips... so in my opinion cricket is more of a sport... and just to touch on american football, what can i say? it's rugby for girls! silly pads and shoulder guards? i would love to see a rugby game involving american football stars and some hardened rugby stars for good old blighty, i believe the americans wouldn't last the 80 minutes!
        but cricket rules, baseball is a girls game and boring.... oh and i must add that cricket has been an established sport for around 250+ years so baseball can kiss our english #$%$ and thank cricket otherwise baseball may never have been!!!! one last moan? is there an american cricket team? cananda have one but you dont so haha!
        peace :)

    • its funny how baseball is americas past time sport..

    • What a stupid question to ask on a Cricket Message Board. By the way baseball is not a sissy sport, and is much more interesting that boring cricket. The game usually only lasts 3-4 hours, unlike cricket which goes on for 5 days.

    • baseball its rounders a girls game yanks only play girls games ie rounders netball sorry basket ball and their version of rugby so far as far as im aware not one yank has switched codes to play rugby league or union at a respectable level because you cant wear body armour unless you are in the army on active duty #$%$ games

    • Baseball is easily better than cricket beacause its american and they have better athletes than we (Britain) do. It's much more fun to watch players who have grown up playing on the streets take their game to the next level than watch a bunch of unathletic players sip tea and play a game at the same time

    • cricket, By God!!! What a daft question

    • Baseball only gets exiting in the 9th inning if its close.
      not in any american game do you get close finishes as in other sports like american football, (a version of rugby)play with hundreds of players against the clock.(one game takes hours)
      in baseball they even gave them a glove which doesnt give batters a chance.....so i would say that cricket is a much more skillfull game all round,but then again so are rugby,snooker etc......

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      • i think cricket is way better than baseball. i live in the usa so i would know, i hav eplayed alot of both. in cricket the pitch just adds so many dimensions. we dont wear gloves. our batters need more talent and so do our bowlers. i mean a cricket player could easily adjust to baseball, on the other hand a baseball player does not know how to defend or use their feetto play shots so all a bowler needs to do is bowl a indipper or yorker and the stumps will go flying.

    • I admit that I know almost nothing about baseball (except my knowledge of rounders from Junior school) but would I be a bigot if I said that baseball doesn't use intelligence but relies on shear power and on coordination?
      Think abou how Andrew Caddick a few years ago bowled a bouncer at Nathan Astle the ball after he reached 100. Caddick hoped Astle would sky a catch to the boundary which he did. Caddick knew that Astle would have been overjoyed by having reached his century and was very likely to throw caution to the wind. Caddick showed there that in addition to having power and strength, he was clever.
      There are, of course thousands of other examples where captains have changed their bowler, have delayed the new ball, have made adjustments in the field. This is in addition to the individual decisions made by bowler and batsman within there own personal dual.
      I suggest that what chess is to draughts, so cricket is to baseball only more so!

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