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    Can England continue winning

    So, after a few minor scares, England have clinched the Test series against a largely unconvincing Pakistan. Can England continue on this run of good form bearing in mind there are still key players out or were they lucky with an average opposition?

    There's one more test to go and a handful of ODIs but is that enough to prepare the team for the Ashes? Will the Aussies be worried by England? Tell us what you think!

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      Oh....Hang on a second, I thought the topic was "Can England continue Whinging". Sorry, maybe not.

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      • No they cannot because Collingwood, Panesar & Pietersen have allegedly fixed this match. The international cricket board is investigating this matter. About 50K pounds each was transferred from their accounts into a casino in Las Vegas, USA. All three bet against themself for scoring in single digis (9 runs or less) and getting no wickets (i.e. bowling and catching) in for the first three days of test match. The news was reported in Las Vegas news journal:


      • Seem to remember it was Ponting that did all the whinging last time anyhow. "please sir - it's not fair - they keep going off the pitchfor a wee and now some 11 year old has run me out!"

        Ha ha. I laughed so much that day.......

    • Since the Ashes England have made far better progress than Australia, who seem to seem to be falling back on their ageing superstars continually, rather than bringing in new talent. Considering England have managed to successfully replace Vaughan and Giles, changed their line-up to a four man bowling attack with SiJones out, managed not to lose two series since the "irreplaceable" Freddie has been out and only lose one series since the Ashes, that's progress. Let's not forget that Pakistan are rated above England in the rankings. The fact that they have their pace stars out this series only shows that they do not have England's depth.

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      • I think it will again be a tight contest. The problem England will have will be to have a squad that can stay fit for the tour. They beat Australia because they managed to only make 1 change to a settled side during the summer. Since then, they have lost 4 key players:
        S. Jones

        If these players aren't available for the squad then England have some serious problems to overcome. What happens for example if one or two of the bowlers become injured? Who will fill in for them?

        If they can play the team that has just completed the last match in all of the games against the Aussies then I think they have a good chance of competing. If not, they will have serious problems.

    • problem is pakistans bowling is just been about equal to aussies 6th choice bowler, if even that. from the batting england i have only seen two batsmen who has played well and that is Ian Bell and cook. choice of shots has been good with feet movement aswell. but this test is being played on home soil against distinctly poor opposistion. so as much as i hate to say it expect another classic drubbing in australia. . . . unless of course pietersen starts concentrating more about cricket than his next hair do

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      • Despite the fact that Pakistan suffered an England-of-old style capitulation at Headingley, the bowling of Mahmood and Panesar, plus the overall performance of the team are indeed bright lights. True, Pakistan are not Australia, but you can only play who you're given to play, and I think England have the characters in the team that will be able to deal with the pressure of an Ashes series in Aus (Cook and Strauss in particular). Mahmood has the pace to cause problems, he just needs to find his line and length more regularly, and if Flintoff makes it in time then an attacking line-up of Flintoff, Harmison and Mahmood is as good as any.

      • er, have you noticed that Pietersen has simply cut all his hair off? Maybe it's time you concentrated on the cricket and less on old hairstyles...

    • Anyone can win, only if they play and not mess about. its such a shame that Pakistanis where ever they go they do not concentrate like their predecessors, their eyes, are unfortunately on gambling, booz, and prostitutes from what we here about.
      With England players there is no hide and seek, yes they drink off duty, yes they have an open bet, and yes they go home to their girl friends for sex. they dont need to seek for these things.

    • Same old story with Pak...no one willing to step up to the plate when the pressure is on...and no discipline.

      Just not enough players in form..

      The only comfort they can take is that they have 4 front line bowlers out and a top batsmen

      England's injuries are long term...giles.vaughn.flintoff.jones....the chances are that even flintoff won't be fit till the middle of the ashes...

      They have good batting. but will not have enough bowling to beat Aus.

      Let's hope Shaoib and Asif are fit for the Oval...no site better in cricket than seeing a true fastie steaming in...

    • I doubt if the Aussies can be turned over as easy as this dismal show from the Pakistan batting team, but maybe, if the two South Africans in the side teach the rest to speak in Afrikaans maybe the Aussies could get confused and loose all concentration. Then we might retain the Ashes.

    • i watched the match england did play good but
      empiring changed this match simply
      if the empiring was right this would have been a different story

    • Although england didn't really have the toughest of oppositions the fact that they came through what what is essentially a makeshift side is a great sign. I think they're in great form and will be very very keen for the Ashes to start in November.