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  • veryconcerned_person veryconcerned_person Oct 20, 2006 00:18 Flag

    Should Lords lose its Test Match status?

    I admit that I am being a bit of a devil's advocate here but I would like to read your opposing arguements
    Lords has a much smaller playing area that other test grounds. A batsman who mishits a hook and who might get caught well inside the boundary at other test grounds, scores a six at Lords.
    The wicket is not flat neither is the outfield flat.

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    • Well done indeed.

      It's about time someone started to question this abomination of a cricket ground with it's associated appalling architecture and uneven surface.

      They should keep it as a museum - full stop.

      It's not up to the standard of a "third world" venue and is an embarassment for all the world to see.

      It's about time the ECB got off their collective #$%$ and built some stadiums for the 21st century. You can only get by with the excuse of "It's Historic" #$%$ for so long.

      If people come from the other side of the world to watch a Test Match they don't want to be sitting on mouldy old wooden seats in the rain in a venue that can only hold 20 - 30 thousand.

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      • Kipsy_poo26, stop pretending you're 26 and from England. You're from deep in DINGO_ATE_MOI_BAYBY-Country. And you're not 26, you're at least twice that age, okay?

        Finally, the ground has been covered months ago with thewhingingpom, myself, woody and others.

        Cricket alone does not generate enough cash to build completely new stadia. Aussies know this too, that's why many of their venues are evffectively in a ground-share with AFL and/or Rugby in order to finance the facilities.

        Your xenophobic pom-bashing led you into a dead end on this subject on the Australian Forum.

        For you to wait a year and trying it on here on the UK Forum, is a sign that you are a sad #$%$ who tries coming here for a quick fix from bashing people and their country.

        Fückin' troll you are!

    • It's too stymbolic to lost Test status but as a northerner would rather have a Test at Old Trafford or Headingley - next Ashes my nearest Test venue is Sophia Gardens

    • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo