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  • Fletcher is really bemusing me. first of all the whole of the country can see panesar is better than giles. secondly the bowling coach openly says andersen is makin his way back to fitness!!!

    These are the ashes not warm up match's fletcher!! Surely mahmood can't do worse than andersen and drop giles and mahmood can bat at number 8, the reason why fletcher is not chosing panesar!! i'd rather have person takin wickets than getting 20 runs....hence hence trying to bowl aussies out.

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    • since when has giles taken 20 wickets, i can even remember him being that good with a bat.
      the problems with spot in this country is that it is run by commitees full of old fossils.
      giles and anderson should not even have been in australia if we had any intentions of attacking the aussies and keeping the ashes

    • I don't think the problem lies with Fletcher. I think the problem has to do with our celebrations after we won the Ashes last year. I mean it was so embarrassing!!! We practically gave everyone in the team knighthoods!! I think the Ashes became Australia's again at that point and we looked like the biggest bunch of losers on the planet. A series win for Australia is another day at the office but for England it's something like the Second Coming. Our players know that if they don't win they will still be paid. Michael Atherton was the biggest loser of the ages and he still made a lot of money.

      Don't pay the players until the end of the tour and then make it performance based. If they don't bring home the Ashes then they can't get, say, even a thousand pounds for the tour. Make it hurt like hell to lose. Other workers get fired if they don't perform why not the extremely molly-coddled English cricket team?