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  • Simon M Simon M Jan 7, 2007 07:08 Flag

    Boycott for England!

    I believe that Geoffrey Boycott would be a superb coach for the England team. He knows the game inside out and has much experience from his test playing days. He says that the ECB couldn't afford him, which to me seems like he does want the job. I think if he did become coach he would sort the men from the boys and get the best out of them. We need a coach like him with a no nonsense approach who will tell the team how it is and how to change for the best. So come on Geoff, help us become the team we should be... THE BEST!!! Cheers :)

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    • ..loud mouthed and overbearing..think it's the last thing England need

    • I second the motion. As an Aussie & listening to his commentry during the Ashes he spoke to Graveney in regards to where England is heading in the future. Graveney offered him lunch back in England on a certain date. Brushing him of as another Cricket journalist. The best point Boycott made was stating that there isn't enough former cricketer's within the administration of the ECB. He states that they are all suits, businessmen who haven't played cricket at International level. They are good at making money but are they any good for cricket. Geoff Boycott should be running the show because I assure you he would be of great benefit & it would filter down to the guy's playing on the field. One last point England need a board of selector's, Botham would be a very good choice instead of the Team Captain & Coach. The best team would be chosen & not just mates. Panesar would be playing every match(Monty Fan Here).

    • The reason why the ECB couldn't afford him is because of the mighty fees that SKY pay their 'journo's'. Why would any of them want to take on the England Coach/Manager job when they have a such an easy life? How many sides has Boycs coached? It's a typical English knee jerk response. Pick someone to coach us, who was a good player and speaks their mind, but knows nothing about coaching. That will certainly make us a great side in no time? I think not!

      I can assure you that if Boycott was selected as England coach, and he certainly won't be, it would be a disaster and wouldn't last 6 months. We need an experienced top international coach. What about Bob Woolmer?

    • As an aussie supporter for many years: maybe you guys should bring BOYCOTT back. He was the most dreaded pom player next to John Snow of post-war cricket. it took ages to ever get him out and he never ever gave up. We respect him for that.
      Be like him u poms!

    • lord boycott shold of been in twenty year ago along with mr botham the england set up is who you know not how good you are

    • yeah, at least he speaks his mind and doesnt offer up excuses for this lame effort.
      he tells them they were #$%$ and #$%$ they were!