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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Feb 15, 2007 22:30 Flag

    Bring on the World Cup

    What a shame it is that the Cricket World Cup doesn't start until mid March. It points to England losing the tiny bit of momentum they achieved on the ODI series in Australia.

    So, will England stumble and fall or can they actually learn from the Ashes debacle and cause a stir in the Caribbean? The Aussies have been quoted as saying that Tests are much more important than ODIs but if the World Cup is based on ODIs then do you think England have what it takes to challenge? Can England claim to be real contenders? If not England, who do you think will win the Cricket World Cup?

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    • Oh what we all wouldn't do to see Steve Harmison bowl one of his infamous wides again. Who cares who wins; just please bring back Harmison. I just wanna see if its possible to bowl a ball so wide that it ends up at the boundary ropes to the bowler's right.

    • this is the biggest joke in the name of sport
      england won the ashes for the first time in years,
      they got big awards from the conned public, and the government and royals that should know better

    • England will not win the world cup and will do well to get thru the group the way New Zealand are in one day matches. England have an even record against New Zealand who have also beaten Australia in their last 3 games. Still can't discount Australia but England are behind 5 teams: Windies, India, Australia and New Zealand. I still hope England wins!

    • Hi everyone, I have always thought that the final would be between South Africa and West Indies but the latest i have seen from the triangular series have left me with mixed feelings. I am not jealous of England winning the world cup but we have to be realistic England have hosted the ICC world cup more than three times but they have never won it. On the other hand West Indies have won it three times in English soil, so i think they stand a better chance of reaching the finals if those stats are anything to go by. They might not be highly ranked in the ICC but they always perform very well in big competitions. Remember the ICC cup they were beaten in the finals by the Aussies. So lastly i think this world cup will be tough and there is a lot of grudge matches. England to settle the score for the Ashes with Australia. South Africa to settle the score with Australia who beat them in a world cup semi and went on to win the world cup. South Africa to settle the score with West Indies who beat them in the quarter finals of the ICC cup and went on to lose against Australia in the finals. Anything is possible in this one, but England are under-dogs.

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      • Hi I wish to correct myself with regards to the stats i share with you in my previous message. West Indies have won the world cup two times and both times it was in England. England have hosted the world cup four times. With regards to the Australians beating South Africa in the world cup it was in 1999 in England and in the Semi-Finals not the quarters as i stated earlier. My apologies for my wrong information to everyone.

    • This must be the most open WC for a long time. Having just heard that Brett Lee is definately out for the Ausies just enhances that, but I still think they could suprise everyone, they're just so good.

      England will need a run of form like they've never had before in ODI's and the recent series could trigger a good run. Winning it - not sure. SA and NZ look pretty good and you can never discount India, SL and WI - the wickets In the WI are condusive to their style of play, more so than SA, Eng, NZ and Aus.

      My money? In my pocket thank you!

    • Hi Sorry to say it as a real england follower, but New Zealand look awsome at the moment.......

    • England has every chance of winning the World Cup, if only the right people were selected and the injury risks were left at home.

      OK - take Vaughan as a mentor to assist Flintoff, but don't let him break the momentum of the leadership by playing him.

    • Much of the battle for the World Cup lies with the selectors. Choosing to take ill-fated injuries along with them, rather than using the fit and healthy players that are champing at the bit to be invited into the "Club".

      Corruption within any sport creates a bad impression, everybody knows the players face has to fit in with the old boys network, rather than be awarded the place for their effort.

      Out with the old and in with the new, let the public vote on who should represent their country. This would encourage people to follow the sport with more passion, knowing they have had a part to play in it.

      The selectors base their opinions on the game as it was in their day, not taking account on the huge advances in techniques.

      Look at the Ashes, the grounds were prepared for their own bowlers. A bit like taking our football team to play American Football, we were not prepared for the huge differences.

    • England know they let themselves down somewhat over the Ashes tests. The triangular series was a great example of what they are capable of and they will be desperate to emulate this against the other contenders of the World Cup.

      I for one am quietly confident that England have what it takes to do a great job in the World Cup.

    • Momentum and form are the key words but as we've seen they can change instantly. Aussies seem to have injury scares at the mo like us so its not all doom and gloom (my other forum posts were just a wind up). Got to say though South Africa and India are looking good but who knows what we're truly capable of.