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  • I'm old and have loved and supported cricket for 60 odd years. I was always thrilled whenever new, raw talent emerged - most memorably in the form of Botham and, much later, Flintoff. Both men could have broken all records as all-rounders but allowed their personal indugences to get in the way of their cricket. I was not amused by the drunken antics of August 2005 and felt let-down by players and managers. Flintoff is 29 and a husband and father. He obviously has a drink problem and I feel for his wife and daughter as well as the many fans who have spent thousands in following this England team. Botham's support for Flintoff makes me feel like cancelling my Sky Sports subscription. Botham, Flintoff and English cricket have all been diminished in my mind, but I suppose I will be regarded as an old fart who cannot deal with modern behaviour. I am just very saddened by the whole thing.

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    • Not an old fart at all but absolutely right. However, Flintoff seems to be getting back on track and I hope it lasts.

    • As the originator of this thread I now have to rejoice that Flintoff has returned from injury and appears to be even better than the Freddie we all admired at the beginning. I do not take back my original comments and just pray that he can stay injury-free to continue his recent magnificent form. I am sure my feelings are shared by those who agreed with me - we just could not accept that natural talent on this scale was being wasted. He seems to have matured and long may he be a giant in the game!

    • I,too, am an old fart. Both Botham and Flintoff had
      the ability to take England to its ultimate successes (together with their team mates).

      Teams in the past have never been so injury prone
      - maybe the lads then concentrated on their game
      and not the pleasures.

    • hi peter dont beat yourself up about the freddie situation i dont personally think he has a drink problem, it was just a situation that got out of hand and am sure he felt the wroth of mrs flintoff. and as for cancelling your sky subscription a bit over the top dont you think. get behind the team and let freddie sort himself out

    • I am totally with you on the flintoff rant, but to bring botham into it why. This is a man who won you the ashes single handed. So he liked a drink so do most sportsmen, but please do not even put him in the same cat as that #$%$ flint/

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      • I see your point, George and, like you, think that Botham was our greatest cricketer ever. He has also worked tirelessly for charity. I was just very disappointed that he did not condemn Flintoff when he was being interviewed on Sky the day after the incident. He said that it had all been blown out of proportion when he should have been backing Fletcher. A man of Botham's stature could have made a big difference, and it might do yet if he is brought into management or selection.

    • I totally agree withall your comments but in the last match which we scraped through he was the only one to bowl the ball in the blockhole and at the stumps.what were our other bowlers doing??????

      on your main point a regretable sign of the times.even standards of behaviour in cricket...the last bastion...have declined.no moral fortitude,single parent families..no rolemodel,a totally ineffective mcc,tabloid press build up and attack when down ,all contribute.

      it all comes down to a generation of individuals whose behaviour is socially and morally unacceptable to us old uns but they regretably know no better.

      psychologists in cricket bah!!! Give them more net practice.

    • Never mind being dropped,he and his drinking buddies ought to have been escorted to a plane and sent on an 18-30 holiday.and never be allowed to wear an England shirt again.His trouble is he believes the hype gained in a flukey win of the ashes.
      He ought to remember the press love to build you up and love it more to destroy you

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      • I don't think that people should critise Flintoff, he is a great all-round cricketer and ok... he let himself down with the "pedelo" incident but everyone deserves a second chance... as I type this Pieterson is out and Flintoff is in so lets see what happens! anyway, Flintoff is a great chap and I'm a big fan! Reminds me a little of George Best... likes a little drinky but professional on the pitch. He is one of the lads and brings unity to the England team. Peace :)

    • Since the Ashes series of 2005 Mr Flintoff has done what ???
      "Hard question"? Ok I'll tell you, he's done NOTHING and achieved NOTHING and should never be in the side in the first place.
      I wouls rather England lose every teat match and every one dayer with a team of "triers" who wear there England shirt with PRIDE that this load of skivers.
      It is easy to name drop, and I won't - but as a fulltime employee of one of the 1st class counties I can tell you that I@m not the only one (and by far the most un-important) who is sick and tired of Mr Flintoff, and the warning he got in Australia WAS NOT his first, last season he "stole" the contents of another players kit bag for a joke and was warned about his future behaviour then.

      Bye Bye freddie, you've had your moments of fame, now just hand the gong back and toodle off to the minor counties or sheffield sheild cricket.

    • I also am a senior citizen, and I deeply resent Flintoff's attitude to his drinking problem. He, like stars of other sports, is idolised by young people, who may copy not only the sports activities, but also those from off the pitch. There seems to be an acceptance by both sports managers and spectators that such as Flintoff (drinking abuse) and Andy Murray (foul language) etc can so behave because they are sports stars. If Flintoff repeats his recent behaviour again, why not give him a ban (6 months ?) for drug (ie alcohol) abuse ? Let's see the managers actually manage the problems.