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  • Chuck Chuck Jan 8, 2008 18:20 Flag

    England in New Zealand

    So, another test series abroad. This time against New Zealand. How will England do this time? It is probably fair to say that the performances they treated us to over in Sri Lanka were far from perfect so will the changes to the squad make a difference?

    No disrespect to the Kiwis but Sri Lanka are a stronger side. Does this mean England fans can expect victories?

    Strauss is back and Ambrose takes over from prior as Wicketkeeper. Will that have an impact?

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    • Yeah whilst i agree vaughan has'nt been at his best but am sure like many other players whose form as dipped he will be back. possibly a re-think of the top four with vaughan coming in at four ? as a captain he is second too none tactically and a great motivator long let him reign.

    • WELL DONE ENGLAND AND WALES. Great result, if hard fought at the end.
      Just hope they don't get carried away thinking they are now top of the world.
      Difficult choices to make now. So many did well and others let them down How will they fit in Flintoff and will Hoggard and Harmison get a chance? Michael Vaughan himself is suspect at the moment, he'd better get back to Yorks and improve rapidly, needs to play a captain's innings.

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      • Why is everyone writing Hoggard off?? Anderson was woeful and still is apart from the first innnings in the second test where anyone could have swung a brick...what has he actually done ??? He has shown he can get smacked to all parts of the ground by any batsman and that is about it. He seems to be one of these players who will never perform on the international stage no matter how many chances he gets. If Hoggard is to go.. get a proper youngster in. 7 overs 0-54 in the first and 1 for lots in the second as well as 10 overs for 80 in hte one day there proves he can only bowl on certain tracks.

    • WOW!!! Well done Andrew Srauss and Ian Bell to add to Ryan Sidebottom's success. Let's hope the bowlers can do their work again now.

    • When is Vaughan going to lead from the front? so much criticism of Andrew Strauss but Vaughan is no better.
      Thank G*d for Ryan Sidebottom,

    • I wish yahoo sport would report accurately. Cook would not have made the first ton of the series as Ambrose did it in the first innings. Maybe they meant he would have got 'his' first ton not 'the' first one.

    • So England have won one! I just hope they don't get carried away now and think they are the world's best. There is another one to come and on a less supportive wicket so they had better work out their strategy now or it will be Hamilton all over again.

    • So Moores thinks that Ambrose played 'very nice'!! No thanks to him I'd guess. Perhaps now, he can persuade the rest of the batsmen to play 'very nice' _ Michael Vaughan for a start, who is a fine one to be critical of the bowlers. Not a captain's innings, as far as I am concerned.

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      • Who was responsible for picking Harmison for the first test and then deciding that Anderson is a better bet than Hoggy for the second? Anderson and Harmison should both be sent home and made to pay back all the money theyve been paid snce last summer cos theyve clearly done #$%$ all for it. Have they no shame?

    • In rhe first test both teams lost wickets quickly in the second inning.
      This shows that both teams are a little brittle.
      Can England recover - or will New Zealand make home advantage tell ??????????

    • god where do you start ! New Zealand totally outplayed gutless england. We are so boring its not true ! For a long time l have said get rid of Vaughan & Cook ( sooner watch paint dry), rest Pietersen, get rid of harmiston, tell Panesar he is allowed in the rules of the game to offer a bit of variation.
      I dont like Moores...another boring typical cautious coach thinking of a draw from day 1.
      Lets be a bit ruthless !...wright & mustard to open, then Bell, strauss & collingwood. Bring back Mascarano, retain Sidebottom & Hoggard & Panesar and bring in Broad again..hes only 20 and has loads of potential. We do have some good young players so lets give them a chance...out with the old & in with the New.

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      • I see they have found their scapegoats. Whilst I think that Hoggard and Harmison could have done better, so could most of the batsmen. What makes Vaughan and Moores think this will be a magic answer?
        Now Vaughan is talking about Fletcher and what he would have done - a bit late???

      • Very radical, Gunners!! I agree with getting rid of Vaughan, the pundits say what a good captain he is. Im not sure about that, doesn't seem to inspire the team and he says they lack confidence. Surely, he and Moores should be instilling that into the dressing room?
        I certainly think Monty needs advice. All the commentators talk about his lack of variation but the coaching staff don't seem to recognise it.
        I always get this feeling that the England team is a bit of an 'old boys club' and change in the membership is not approved by the captain.

    • All I Can Say is 2005 Team.

      I know Jones and Flintoff are injured so I think
      we should get them back ASAP.

      They scared the oppostion especially those
      Bring back Fletcher at least he admits if we do bad. Also I think Vaughan should still be captain of the one day side.

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