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    I #$%$ despise that english #$%$ woodward.
    its an absolute joke- an old pals act
    i for one hope the all blacks #$%$ the lions over, and in doing so break the legs of back, robinson, greenwood and all other #$%$ english tossers.
    c`mon the mighty blacks

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    • Please stop now. Your giving us Welsh a bad name. I love to hate the English. (especially in Rugby) You just seems to hate them!! Big difference.

    • And you honestly think, more welsh deserved to be there!!!!!!!!!
      name 1 without making me laugh my #$%$ of

      diolch pratt

    • Says more about you mate than it does about the perceived lack of English qualities that you so nicely write about.The Lions coaches/managers were selected by all of the Home Unions and for one reason, they are tried and tested and have collectively achieved a hell of a lot in world rugby.No body moaned when the Aussies dominated world rugby with their priority on defence and some of the writers seem to forget that the All Blacks, all be it the best team in the world nearly every year, have not won a World Cup for more than 20 years.You should take a reality pill mate and behave with a bit more grace in a sport where for the most part people are recognised at decent, honourable and open minded - something which you clearly are not. For the record I'm English and I too disagree with the selection - however I do recognise there are three tests and that the All Blacks are again the best team in the world by a long shot.It will take some cunning and inventiveness, and possibiliy a bit of reality boring play, to have any chance of beating the Kiwi's.Take my advice mate and go and start playing football - there's no place for blokes like you in our sport.

    • ... and your not really thinking of the Welsh players that ARE in the team. C'mon now, lets hope its a good game and the welsh players shine! If its a malling and Clive doesnt put the rest of the welsh players in for the next test, then we should start to really moan.

    • so have you calmed down yet or what

    • Guys,
      All this banter between the countries is highly amusing, however it doesn't prove anything.
      The real question here is whether or not the choices that Woodward has made are going to do the business tomorrow! The problem is though that not only has he picked his buddies- I mean, come on, 18 english on tour, 13 in the squad for the game and 8 of those on the pitch, but he has completely lost the plot regarding his selection and tactics.
      Only 5 welshmen, after a great grand slam this year, and two Irish, after they came above england in the same competition! What is he playing at?
      If you look at the way these guys have all played on tour you can only say that he had already sorted his team before they even went over! Which is blatantly wrong and a mistake.
      Thompson as reserve #$%$ COME ON! The guy needs to go back to throwing school! Wilkinson at centre? What a great boost to the confidence of Stephen Jones that is! Who is going to be kicking on Saturday? Umaga must be licking his lips at the thought of playing opposite Wilko!
      Robinson at full back or wing! No way! The guy can't tackle for a former RL player! And this our last line of defence!!!!
      What about those players who have actually proved themselves on tour?
      Bulloch, Cusiter, Murphy, O' Callachan, Shanklin or Henson at Centre? How gutted are they that what they have shown on this tour so far has been for nothing! And Shane Williams and his dancing feet is not playing a game at all this week!
      Greenwood on the bench? What has he done this tour or this season? Same for Robinson (again!)
      We will see what happens tomorrow obviously but I for one hope that the Lions get beaten convincingly in the first test so that he is forced to make drastic changes to the team for next weekend!
      And before all the Xenophobic #$%$ comes out I am neither Welsh nor Irish.
      If you had to pick a team for the second test now how many of the current team would it include? 3 maybe 4 of the english players in the 22?

    • not scottish by any chance are ya? lol

    • ignorant welsh wally!!

    • Have you seen your srink lately?
      just wondering how you have a computer in the phyco ward?

    • You have to be the biggest fool in the uk

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