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    Sean Edwards - Sticks to his principles.

    Well done the man - just goes to show that the RFU still put a lot of effort into trying to stop others rather than concentrating on doing a good job themselves and ofcourse demonstrate that they have no principles other than "money talks".

    I am also really pleased for the WRU; they deserve a pat on the back for being very sound in their thinking and the translation of those plans into firm actions. Seems they won on the field and also off it!!

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    • keep reading this thread and got to laugh.... as a player who was BANNED from playing Rugby Union because i played Leauge ... the day of top class UK rugby union coaches has gone now they all from LEAGUE of southern hemisphere. and yes all 3 sides down there will put 50 pionts in England. and even the Lions. So credit where its DUE rugby leauge made Shawn a ledgend his club WIGAN dumped him how sad for leauge... but lets not shouit just get how good ERFU or WRFU are cause both are small fish

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      • That would make so much more sense if it was written in English (then again, judgin by the small amount that is legible, it looks like another deranged League post)

        I have discovered lately that league is very high in skill compared to union.

        Their players rarely miss the opposition, managing to run into them nearly every time. In union I've noticed they keep missing their opponents and having to put the ball down behind that try line thingy to let the others have a go.

        That Shane Williams is a perfect example. He misses the opposition players so much he has to put the ball down nearly every game. Maybe someone could come down from league and show him how to run in a straight line so none of these mistakes are made again.

    • A wonderful example to all professional sports people. He shook on an agreement and stands by his word displaying principles rarely seen in today's greed driven world.