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  • jul jul Jan 22, 2009 17:34 Flag

    Roy Keane as Bouys Manager?

    As a highland Man UTD fan, I think you are right about keano not being a good replacement for GS I like him from when he lit up our wing and his efforts since. Keano was a great combative midfielder, but I think he still has to learn some subtlety in handling players...so maybe he would be better taking over from craig brewster and doing some extra learning, just think he got some good loan players off us at sunderland maybe he could pull off another caley win against you in the league ...would that be good for scottish league ? ranger too of course

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    • God yeah. Anything that improves the quality of football up here should be welcomed. Its great to win something or be guaranteed european football every year but look at both celtic and rangers this season in europe. both were a shambles. we need more competition week in week out. we were given a real showing up in europe this year. the lack of cometition is reflected in the national team too. we've had some good results over the last couple of years but I think this was more luck than design. there are far too many professional teams in scotland. we need a drastic rethink of how our game is structured from the grass roots up.