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  • B4ts B4ts Jun 21, 2009 04:11 Flag

    Mowbray as manager !

    Not sure about that. I would bet Allardyce, Keegan, O'Leary to name but a few would have jumped at the chance to manage Celtic.

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    • Frankie has a point
      the job is extremely hard
      1) you have to beat rangers 4 matches
      2) you have to progress in Europe
      3) you are in a league which gives you no help in preparing teams for Europe you have say 4-5 competitive teams

      Celtic rangers hearts Hibs and perhaps Aberdeen? and to be honest that is about it, in the epl every team can as proved the other night beat one another if they do not play at their best Burnley newly promoted beat Man U but i would not think a newly promoted team to the spl could beat Celtic in the league

      As for the managers you mention Allardyce does not play the style of football the Celtic faithful like O'Leary it was proven is nothing as a true manager and is a "Money" manager
      Keegan well sorry but he is a Quitter

      The only way is if a European league is formed perhaps rangers and Celtic will find a way out of the SPL as it looks highly unlikely they will be invited into the prem it was suggested to invite them to enter the Carling(league) cup but even that presents great difficulties
      Also I feel it goes back to money a good Italian manager cost at least double what mowbray is on and how many Arsen(WHO) Wenger's will you find in the Japanese league?

      I also have to comment on the lack of good Scottish players when looking at the EPL where are the Charlie Nicks and the Kenny Dalglish's, Lou Macari's George Grahams Frank Maclintocks.

      yes Celtic is a Big club but like a fish can only grow to the size of its pond