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  • mike mike Jul 19, 2005 14:42 Flag

    best team on merseyside???

    the blue noses in thier bitterness keep reminding us about their great achivment in the league and basing that position to say they must be the best team on merseyside!!?? a football season is not just about league positions its also about cup compititions..you remember them dont you everton???those silver cups you havent had a sniff of for 10 yrs..well over a season the stats are as shown below
    everton p 44 w 21 everton won 47.7%
    l'pool p 60 w 31 l'pool won 51.6%
    well theres the answer,simple really. throw into those stats 2 finals and a european cup and i think it plain for all too see that the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS ARE THE BEST TEAM ON MERSEYSIDE

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    • Damn right we got the better players, better tradition and we dominated domestic football for 20 years under our great managers.

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      • Enjoying the banter on here and I can give a non bias view (as a Bury fan.

        I will tell you how I see it !!

        1, Liverpool are probably just about a better team than Everton but that is all because of Gerrard - take him away and they are mid - table. Another Villa or Man City.

        2, Everton are not disliked over here in the east of Lancashire whereas Liverpool are.

        3, Everton dont have 1 million vigils a week for the latest fan who has got an ingrowing toenail.

        4, Whilst putting a red football shirt where anyone has died even if they supported the Outer Mongolian Genghis Khan Albion. Those red shirts make you want to jump in front of cars on Edge Lane.

        So its Liverpool with the trophy count and Everton with the Class for me.

      • Better players don't make for a better team. You are correct in that the #$%$ do have better players and so they should for the money spent but the better team finished higher last season. That is old news now and so is L/pool dominating for a long period previously. It is about the here and now. We are slowly making progress and we realise it will take a further few years to consistently finish in top 6 but for some reason a few reds are dis-illusioned about where they will be in 9months time. Some really do think that you are going to challenge chelsea. I think not. The best you could hope for is 4th. Admittedly it will be higher than ourselves but we are trying to be realistic. Lets hope you do to!

    • Well, it looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down. Everton vs. Liverpool should be a cracker of a game, what it will be like this year..www.SoccerGossip.com

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      • personally there's one team in merseyside who's dominate and that's the RED half... we're the European Champions for #$%$ sake! All Everton can do is brag about their 4th place finish... for pete's sake that's a one-off and you'll be enjoying UEFA cup football if the yellow submarines (Villarreal) beat you in the 2nd leg!

    • No, having a "conversation" with you slashdog. Never mind, I'll try to see the funny side of your contributions in future. Maybe when I've had my frontal lobotomy...or maybe not, that might turn me into an LFC supporter...

    • having a bit of a conversation with yourself there townsea.
      with exception to refrences to murdering and hillsborough i think most will agree that the rest of the general micky taking and stick is friendly banter.the same banter you would have with a mate in the pup or at work

    • Let me know when the friendly banter starts - everything I have seen so far from LFC visitors has been inarticulate, unfunny and highly unpleasant.

    • shut it you murdering filth