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  • Bad Bad Aug 11, 2005 16:56 Flag

    best team on merseyside???

    Enjoying the banter on here and I can give a non bias view (as a Bury fan.

    I will tell you how I see it !!

    1, Liverpool are probably just about a better team than Everton but that is all because of Gerrard - take him away and they are mid - table. Another Villa or Man City.

    2, Everton are not disliked over here in the east of Lancashire whereas Liverpool are.

    3, Everton dont have 1 million vigils a week for the latest fan who has got an ingrowing toenail.

    4, Whilst putting a red football shirt where anyone has died even if they supported the Outer Mongolian Genghis Khan Albion. Those red shirts make you want to jump in front of cars on Edge Lane.

    So its Liverpool with the trophy count and Everton with the Class for me.