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  • Shields is probably guilty but what do I know? I wasn't there, but I don't think the Bulgarian authorties are stupid. Get off the shyte band wagon and deal with it. It's always someone else's fault with the Shyte "It was the Police, it was Chelsea fans dressed as shyte, it was another bloke...' Never because everyone was #$%$ and charging the gate .... Liverpool fans were actually arrested and Jailed over Hysel and yes, only Sheilds and his attacker really know what happened in 'dream land', not you shyte fans with your 'Free Sheilds' or 'Sheilds is innocent' stickers in your cars. What a #$%$ alibi - Why couldn't he be seen 5 miles away by 100s of people in a bar? No, young lad in bed when there's drinking to be had? LMAO.

    I was given stick by a Shtye fan in work for the Everton fans leaving early against Villa (well into the second half) 'Ha ha' she said (middle aged Kirkbyite rough as #$%$ 'Had to laugh at the tele all yous walking out Ha ha'(she never goes the match - you'll never walk alone but unforunately it wont be with her) I had to point out half time in Istanbul, I'm still waiting for the great comeback. Selective memories aswell as denial.
    Christ - I'm Gald To Be Blue no matter how rubbish....

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    • The difference is my friend that at half time in Istanbul, the Reds were not dead and buried, unlike Moyes boys against Villa. No comeback, no entertainment, no guts no value for money for all your hard earned gate money. Come to Anfield, watch winners.

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      • Obviously not dead and buried as the result shows a heroic 3-3 draw and a lottery of pens. But ask the 1000s of Shytes that walked at half time and missed - well we know what they missed. There's loyalty for you.
        "Come to Anfield, watch winners" just epitomises a shyte.
        Well Mrs Bolshy Red, you can take (nay, steal) your hard earned trophy via a draw and well, shove it I suppose.
        EFC are #$%$ not value for money blahdey blah but I for one wont change them for anything.