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  • Andy Andy Apr 23, 2006 18:05 Flag

    pile of #$%$?? have a word with yourself mate

    we have enough lfc spammers on here slagging us off so we dont need blue fans too.... so what if nufc are above us, on paper there a top six side anyway.. ok we had a bad start to the season but look at the results since new year!! the team is turning itself around!! so what we have drawn with sunderland and birmingham... as always 2/3 games before season ends ..relagation fodder are the hardest team to beat!!
    either get behind your team or start chanting lfc somewhere else mate
    come on you blues!!!!
    moyes is god

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    • I bet you wished you got paid as much as him for such poor performances. Make no mistake he has been very well paid !!

      I know I would not still have a job loosing £4 million on one deal and neither should he !

      The guy is clueless !

      He should be shown the door and soon !!!!!

      Maybe your happy to watch the #$%$ teams he sends out but Ive been watching them for almost 40 years and this is the least ambitious board and manager in our long history.
      It can't go on !

    • before you look at the manager and signings look at the support he is getting from the Board, if you pay peanuts you will end up with monkey's hence Dickov and Jeffers.

      If Moyes had the money Benitez, Ferguson, Wenger and Morinio have then I don't think we would be having this conversation. Take the blinkers off and look at the bigger picture.

      Before Moyes we finnished in the Bottom 6 in something like 8 out of 10 seasons.

      With Moyes in the last four seasons he has had us 7th, 4th, and mid table in 3 of the four seasons. It's not brilliant but it's a damn site better than it had been. With a proper amount of money to spend then who knows, but for christs sake get off his back.

    • OK, I haven't got any answers but you tell me which quality players will we sign before next season ?

      Jeffers and Dickov are on the radar !!

      Do me a #$%$ favour !!

      This is my point, who will sign for the current management

      No one !

      Things have to change !

    • Go on then, replace them with Who?

      And give them what money?

      Do you for one minute think a top class manager will come to Everton at the moment if the funds are not there, Yes Moyes has made mistakes but you tell me which Manager out there who would come to Everton would have done a better Job?

      And then I might start to give your arguments some creadance.

    • I only wish there was something there to be Proud of !

      We have fallen a long long way !

      How many of the current squad will we remember fondley in years to come ?

      Not one will ever be in the Hall of Fame !

      We have had some true greats but these lot we go and watch are very very poor, but you can only blame the management !!!

      They should all go now !

    • And there my friend you have said it all "you were once proud to be an Evertonian"

      I am always proud to be an Evertonain....... no matter what.
      I need say no more.

    • And what were your expectations for this season ?

      Champions League ? ha
      UEFA Cup ? ha
      Carling Cup ? ha
      FA Cup ? ha
      Intertoto Cup ? ha

      Is that really the level that this once wonderful club and it's even better supporters have now dropped too ?

      We aren't even good enough to qualify for the Intertoto Cup !!!!

      The situation is really bad and will need a lot of investment to ever get us where we once were PROUD to be Everton supporters !!

      MOYES must go now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You all make me laugh, Yes weve had a bad seaon, but tell me , were you not celebrating last season when we finished 4th? were you not singing Moyes name? you are Hypocrits and the type of so called Evertonians that give us all a bad name. ffs grow up and get behind the team or to use your way of thinking go and support a team that deserves you such as Oldham but thats probably unfair on Oldham.

    • Just examine Moyes record in the transfer market !

      Per Kroldrup - Who what a joke (lost £4 million), but why did he leave ? Moyes never gave him a chance !!
      Van der Meyde - Injured when we bought him, still injured but only made a few starts - #$%$ ?
      Simon Davies - £4 million your having a laugh !!
      James Beattie - best of his buys ?
      Mikel Arteta - looks great player compared to the #$%$ around him, on his way elsewhere ?
      Tim Cahill - Great first season, not as good this, but I can't see him staying at Goodison ?
      Matteo Ferrari - Played well in his few starts but if you were him would you stay on the bench whilst Weir gets picked ?

      This record speaks for it's self !

      Moyes has failed us big time !!

      Time to say Goodbye before he makes the club a bigger laughing stock that it already is !!

    • Maybe there are only you and I with enough experience to see what is going on !
      Why let Moyes spend money on players for the future like Ferrari and then put Weir in the team ?
      If you don't play these signings they are bound to be #$%$ off !
      Nigel Martin and David Weir have been great for our club but their time is over !
      Blood the players who will be playing for us next year, I'd rather have a teanager on the bench that than Big Dunc !
      Anyone tell me the last time he did anything in a blue shirt, is Moyes blind or an idiot ?
      Van der Meyde, ha bleeding ha, what yet another wonder signing by Moyes !
      Why do we have to put up with #$%$ like this just because we support Everton ?
      We are a joke of a club owned by a guy with no money and no idea how to move us forward and managed by another joker who couldn't manage a Tripe Shop !
      And guess what we will all be watching this #$%$ for the years to come unless new investment and a new manager are found soon.
      Moyes is not the answer and must go now !!!!!!!

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