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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 24, 2006 05:51 Flag

    pile of #$%$?? have a word with yourself mate

    oh my #$%$ god!!!!

    listen mister sean"niceguy!!" you sit there going on spouting on about the "good old days!!" i still remember them and always will. with regards to all this speak to the old fellas #$%$ .... speak to me... i have had a season ticket for 22 years from the days of the proper gladys street till the new days of the park end ... i have visited 12 away games too this season,,, any other problems come see me in the wimslow pub b4 the match vs west brom too chat futher ... get off your armchair ballbag and go spout your #$%$ elsewhere... funny old thing ive noticed reading the columns.. its only you chatting #$%$ with 2/3 other people!!!!!

    whats up bud??? got sky tv??? watch match of the day??? maybe buy the £7 prem plus game??? obviously not a real supporter or you would pull your head out of 1980s you #$%$ !!!!!!!!!!!

    if you can do a better job go for it! the club has no money for new players and ill happy pay my yearly subscribe to the season ticket to help out...

    basically #$%$ off... get a life and any probs ... come down the pub #$%$!!!!!!!
    night night