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    Why are YOU an Evertonian?

    I just thought I'd ask this question to Everton fans.The reason being is that Evertonians often make comments along the lines of Liverpudlians only supporting Liverpool because they have been more successful.This is obviously the case with some supporters but that's the same the world over.

    I'm a red due to me mum's two brothers. They weren't born in England but settled in Liverpool in 1961 and decided to follow the reds rather than the blues. This was a time when Everton were the moneybags club with Liverpool being their poor relations having only just been promoted from the 2nd division.
    The point I'm making is that the team you support is usually the team that your dad,uncles and grandad supported and a lot of my mates of my age had dads and grandads that followed Liverpool when Everton were quite literally in a different league,so it could be argued (ok I know I'm stretching it a bit!) that Evertonians are the glory hunters,not Liverpudlians.

    The views of redscoucsfan are entirely his own and should not be taken as typical of Liverpool supporters.

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    • im Ryan dean age 10 im an evertonian because my dad is,blues my favourit coulor and the clubs english this season were going to go allthe way.

    • When I was a kid growing up in kirkdale the distance from our street to goodison and anfield was probably about the same and as a result me and my mates would spend as much time bunking into one ground as much as the other.
      Later on we used to go into both boys pens and either get through the fence into Gwladys street or climb along the wall into the kop, the point being that from a very young age I had choice, not any particular peer pressure from friends or family.
      the first thing I remember that put me on the true path was that the roar from goodison (we could hear the roars from both grounds in our street)somehow seemed to have vibrancy that was electric in a way that the anfield roar never was ,next I had the good fortune to see the final days at goodison of the "golden vision" the great Alex Young....I was hooked.
      In the years that have followed I have never once regretted making that choice ,I`ve seen some great everton sides and some not so great ones but through it all I have met some of the finest people anywhere in the world ,there are very few "special" clubs left now but ours is one of them and I will never get tired of the band of brothers which we all are Wherever we come from because blues ARE born not made.
      nil satis nisi optimum.

    • While I was born and grew up in Ireland my Grandfather was born very close to Goodison Park and while living in Bootle followed the team all his life. I remember when I visited him he always took out Everton photos, one of my memories being the picture of the 1984 final and I remember Bailey with his stupid hat. He always wanted me to support Everton but at the time I had no interest in football.

      I first got interested though when I watched the 1989 cup final and got hooked on Everton. Unfortunatley, my grandfather had passed away previously so I never got the chance to join him at Goodison for a match.

      It was difficult during the Harvey, Walker, second & third Kendall stints, especially in Ireland (surrounded with Liverpool and Man.Utd supporters). One highlight being the only Evertonian in a class of 30, walking in after the 1-0 win over Liverpool in the cup(after the 4-4 match) and the whole class applauding me!

      They test me to breaking point every year, but they're always my team.

    • I was born and brought up in London, although my mother was Lancastrian - from Blackpool. As a kid I followed my local non-league team in the old Southern League - Romford. I think it was in 1961 my favourite player, a left-winger by the name of Peter Kavanagh, was transferred to Everton for a club record fee of £1500. My allegiance followed him (although to the best of my knowledge I don't believe he ever played for the first team)and has stayed there ever since.

      Throughout my late teens/ early twenties I saw Everton every time they played in or around London, usually five or six times a season. I can remember standing in front of the clock on the old North Bank at Highbury supporting the Blues! And countless visits to Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham, Fulham, QPR, Ipswich and others.

      In my twenties I moved north, to Nottingham, so then I saw them whenever they visited the likes of Forest, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield or Leeds. A few years later I moved a bit further north to Doncaster, and it was only when Everton played Doncaster in the FA Cup that I got my first visit to Goodison, travelling on the Doncaster supporters coach!

      Nowadays I live in Lincolnshire, and get across to Goodison maybe three or four games per season, but until Sheff Utd got promoted I haven't had the opportunity to see them on this side of the country for some time, apart from the one-season visit to Barnsley and a couple of seasons at Bradford City. But of course nowadays it isn't always possible to get tickets for the away supporters end unless you book through the visiting club, and usually you can only do that if you've got so many home ticket stubs to qualify, which living so far away isn't possible for me.

      So the majority of my Blues-watching these days is on the TV in the local pub whenever they are on live. There is one other Evertonian in our village, but we're usually well outnumbered! But it doesn't stop us!...........

    • you are right, I am an Evertonian because my Dad was and so I am, my brother is and so is my sister. I was very ill once and supported Liverpool for a whole day when I was 11 , but apart from that lapse I have been an Evertonian since I was 2.
      I don't think it has anything to do with glory hunting unless you come from outside of Liverpool. My stepson supports Liverpool but he lives in Nottingham, he has all the shirts and all the pictures on the wall, but he has never been to Anfield and I'm certainly not taking him !

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      • Just thought i would add my bit. This web site may shed a bit of light. www.toffeeweb.com/fans/beingblue/religion. May cause a bit of contoversy :).
        Still you could be an exiled scouser living in essex with all the pseudo chelsea, arsenal, liverpool and man utd fans. Still come on you shrimpers !

    • I still wonder now, me dad was a long term rednose, and a squaddie, we travelled all over the world, he left the army in 1972, and settled in his home town, birkenhead, and I just went for them, the only blue in the family.
      me dad freaked when he he saw I'd written Everton on me haversack.
      It was a bad time to choose Everton, But I suppose Everton choses us.

    • I have just read your message and i would just like to say that any fool can be a liverpool fan you have to be born an evertonian!!

    • Its a shame young kids cant get tickets to watch the mighty reds.
      We have tried to get season tickets for the past 9 years but no luck .
      I believe you can get one for the #$%$ today even half way through the season if you want one!
      WARNING dont walk down County Rd when the #$%$ are playin cos youll get offered a free entrance into goodison .Mind you you might be lucky enough to see them Playin Wigan ?

    • Is there an echo in here?
      There is nothing to regret. Are you a friend of seaniceman1? lol

    • hallelujah brother !!!!!

      There should be a plaque in Goodison for his Nan, saviour of the damned and demented!!!

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