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  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2006 03:11 Flag

    It's just like being in church !

    I have just returned from our final game at your shed of a ground. I ahve to say although we are already relegated, our fans put yours to shame today. Firstly you cocked up the tribute to one of your all time greats, then apart from one tiny corner of the ground your fans didn't seem to turn up till the 85th minute !! I understand it must've been tough to be losing to us, but even at 0-0 there was no support ! Fair play for nicking the point, it sums our season up. However on last point when we sing 'everton start the wave', we mean a MEXICAN wave, not for you to wave at us, i'm sure you were just being ironic or do all the clever people in Mersyside support your red rivals ????

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