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  • who the hell do Crystal Palace think they are 12 million for a player that can only score penalties, in my eyes he's not worth 2 million

    BAG OF #$%$.

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    • Well i'm afraid you are in a minority over Dunc. Yes he was indisciplined, yes he was injury prone but his presence on the pitch invaluable. Look at the impact he had last season coming on as a sub!
      There have been many greats over the years, Ball, Kendall, Harvey, Southall, Labone, Young, Dean, Ratcliffe, Mountfield, Sharp, Gray to name but a few. Duncs goal ratio of 1 in 3 games is not to be sniffed at. He was a good old-fashioned centre-forward with not much between the ears, which is a disease most modern footballers suffer from. One thing he would give you is passion for the shirt which is sadly lacking today. Too many nobodies are wearing the blue shirt at the moment, no characters, no-one who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and win it for you. Tommy Graveson would've entered the legend status had he stayed but he's disappeared up his own Real Madrid shirt but quite happy to earn £75k a week. he had the passion and could get the crowd going and the fans loved him for it, the same as Big Dunc.
      All modern day footballers are paid alot of money for doing very little, but that's the clubs fault and not the players. Clubs are stupid enough to pay them the silly salaries so good luck to em.
      Big Dunc was a good centre-forward but very unlucky with injuries. he should've our 20 a season striker we crave for but sadly not. however, he gave us some great memories.... from his first headed winning goal against Man Utd right upto the drama of his last point-saving goal against West Brom.
      All I'll say is "Thanx Dunc for giving us some great memories during the lean times".

    • What you going on about you #$%$! Highest English goal scorer before they went down only person that beat him was that gay French guy from Arsnal! If he was not taken down so much he would have a chance to score!! Whoever gets him next season will be well happy!! 12Million yea tad high but easily worth over 8million

    • Well you have obviously watched something that I've not !
      I too have seen many greats at Goodison. I was there the day Bally played his first home game against West Ham and he was the greatest Everton player of all time !
      He played with passion but didn't go around head butting players on the pitch and beating up old ladies !

      Big Dunc was paid a great deal of money for very little effort. He used to injure himself going for a #$%$ hwas so injury prone !

      Too many of his performances on the pitch were ended early because of his indicipline or injury.

      Big Dunc Everton legend ?

      He spent too much time playing with his pigeons and not doing what he was paid a for playing for the Blues !

      Like his pigeons he was full of #$%$ !

    • I have seen many centre forwards at Goodison. Bob Latchford, Alan Biley, David Johnson, Maurice Johnston, Tony Cottee, Mike Newell, Graeme Sharp, Andy Gray, Gary Lineker, Peter Beardsley, Adrian Heath to name but a few. I've been a season ticket holder since I was 4 years old, through good and bad times. many strikers have come and gone but the likes of Ferguson are taken into the fans hearts by their heart-felt passion for the blue shirt. Did we ever see Lineker kiss the shirt before he ran off to Barcelona? Never, yet despite his injuries Ferguson always wanted to play his heart out for the club. if his legs and back could withstand the Premier league he'd still be playing now.
      Yes he had injuries, I mean how unlucky can 1 man be with them, and his lack of discipline with getting so many red cards but what he had most is passion for Everton Football club.
      I'd rather have a player give his all than take the £30k a week they are all on at the min, and just go through the motions.
      Look at Cahill last season. Clubs leading scorer in his 1st season, Player of the Year, his agent kicks up a stink after 1 year and Everton treble his wages over-night. no passion last season and below par performances throughout.
      Look at all the players who got new deals at the beginning of last season. not one of them featured anywhere near the form they showed the previous season. And why? becuase they all got their 4 year deals and a nice pay rise. Play 1 good season at the end of your contract and EFC give you another 4 year for 1 good season.
      No passion, Ferguson had bundles of it, hence why the fans took him to their hearts and gave his a lift when we needed it.

    • Ye I'm a bloke aswell !

      Who said Big Dunc is a legend ?

      Maybe sad people who never seen he quality centre forwards who have played for Everton.

      Big Dunc a legend, how can anyone who played so few times, got sent off so many times and scored so few goals be a legend ?

      Legend My #$%$ !!

    • £8.5 million for him? NO CHANCE. luckily everton dont have that much to spend or we might be seeing moysey f ing up his new buys.............AGAIN.

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      • Well, Everton bid £8 million for AJ which for me is way over the top. Especially for a guy that scores most of his goals from the penalty spot!
        Let Wigan have him. What a waste of money!
        With regards to the previous thread about the young strikers we have... We still need another striker as #$%$ McFadden will not get you 20 goals a season, neither will Beattie. If Beats has any nouse about him he should model himself on Big Dunc. He's the type of centre-forward you will never see in the game again. I mean, even at 34 he's still being chased by football clubs. It's a shame his career was blighted by injuries as his goals per game ratio was close to 1 in 2.5 games. That's some strike rate don't you think!
        As for the youngsters we have, I can definately see Victor Anichebe getting more games this season. he's a big strong lad, whereas Vaughany is more of a poacher. But both their records in the reserves is impressive so why not give them a chance!
        I'd go for Jason Roberts from Wigan, instead of AJ. And he'd be cheaper too!

    • Thing is, no-one will pay £10 million for him nevermind £12 million! Through the grapevine I've heard he wants to join Everton but the Palace chairman wants AJ to hand in a transfer request as he has a clause in his contract stating he will forfeit the remainder of his contract if he does hand in a request. Palace's chairman aint daft, hence the £10 million price tag as he knows no-one will pay it, thus forcing AJ into handing in a transfer request so saving the club a reported £3.5 million!
      If the club sell the player then they have to pay up the remaining value of AJ's contract. Don't forget he only signed a new 4yr deal last summer so either way Palace are laughing all the way to the bank.
      Palace will accept £6 million for him, as long as AJ hands in a request.
      My question is though, where the hell have Bolton got £8 million from? They are in a worse financial state than Everton, and that's saying something!