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  • ian ian May 25, 2006 03:48 Flag


    £8.5 million for him? NO CHANCE. luckily everton dont have that much to spend or we might be seeing moysey f ing up his new buys.............AGAIN.

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    • Well, Everton bid £8 million for AJ which for me is way over the top. Especially for a guy that scores most of his goals from the penalty spot!
      Let Wigan have him. What a waste of money!
      With regards to the previous thread about the young strikers we have... We still need another striker as #$%$ McFadden will not get you 20 goals a season, neither will Beattie. If Beats has any nouse about him he should model himself on Big Dunc. He's the type of centre-forward you will never see in the game again. I mean, even at 34 he's still being chased by football clubs. It's a shame his career was blighted by injuries as his goals per game ratio was close to 1 in 2.5 games. That's some strike rate don't you think!
      As for the youngsters we have, I can definately see Victor Anichebe getting more games this season. he's a big strong lad, whereas Vaughany is more of a poacher. But both their records in the reserves is impressive so why not give them a chance!
      I'd go for Jason Roberts from Wigan, instead of AJ. And he'd be cheaper too!