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  • KEITH KEITH Jun 25, 2006 22:08 Flag


    I know it's a bit of a myth that reds and blues were all the best of mates 20 years ago and went to Derby matches together and stood side by side without a hint of trouble,but wouldn't it be better to get back to those days?

    The days when Liverpudlians could go anywhere at Goodison to watch the derby and likewise Evertonians at Anfield.

    The days when we did have our differences but if either of us had any trouble at an away game red and blue would join together to exact revenge on anyone who dared to cause harm to our fellow scousers.

    Maybe I'm being an old romantic,remembering things through rose-tinted spectacles but our city gets #$%$ on enough by outsiders without us #$%$ting on eachother.

    Was it mass unemployment and 20 years of Tory rule that bonded us all together,is it that life's a lot easier and we've no-one to fight against other than eachother?

    I'd be interested to see people's genuine opinions on this rather than the same tired old #$%$e!Cheers.

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