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  • Warren Warren Jul 26, 2006 01:34 Flag

    Rooney autobiobraphy

    Does this over bearing fat ugly #$%$ head think that he will get away with slagging of our great boss like that in his bookie book.The book is probably filled with drawings to colour in with the odd page of writing in there too.And its probably written in crayon too#$%$ little #$%$#$%$ YOU ROONEY..

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    • Seems like someone who was god only a couple of seasons ago has managed to turn into an 'UGLY, FAT, LITTLE, #$%$'. I hate the little #$%$ but then again I'm a Liverpool supporter and that was probably sour grapes that he wasn't playing for Merseysides trophy winning side. Good luck to the lad, he's too good for Man Utd but at least he might win something there. unlike with the team led by managerial maestro moysey!

    • Yes clearly a single carling cup medal and the honour of having a direct hand in his teams' exits from the champions league and the world cup by petulantly getting sent off in both competitions equates to success we should all be insanely jealous of.

      Everton fans' problem with Rooney is how he left and where he went. The whole manner in which this transfer was conducted was undignified for anyone, let alone someone who claimed to be a boyhood fan. True Everton fans would give anything for the chance to run out at Goodison. Not demand £50k plus a week then demand to see the clubs bank statements to prove they could afford it.

      Maybe if you understood what it is like to support a club simply for the love of that club you might understand. As it is, you're more interested in slagging off true football fans of this great Club as 'losers'. It's idiots like you that give football fans a bad name. Do one.

    • I think some of you actually need to re-read my post. I never claimed he had done anything. I simply stated that the lad had more opportunities at Man Utd than Everton.Thats a fact. More exposure,more playing opportunities in big games,more chance for financial advancement. I NEVER once put Everton down and I NEVER once said anything bad about Everton fan support for their team. Everton is obviously a good club or they wouldnt be where they are, a competitive team inthe best league in the world. By the way I'm from Norwich City and I do know what its like to support perrenial losers even worse than you lot do. Football has become big business now. Its all about the money. I am also a Man Utd fan and have been since the days of Dennis Law and George Best.I've been to many loosing games at Carrow Road and have seen many players leave NCFC to go on to bigger and better things. Dean Ashton being the last one.By the way some of you act like its a badge of honor to support a loser through thick and thin. That may be true but it gets very tiresome doesnt it? Best wishes to Everton in the coming season. Will they finish ahead of Man Utd....I dont think so.

    • ok insaneone,1) court controversy sure, but not when its about your birthplace and your family have to deal with the mess you leave behind, 2) what 'success'has rooney had since he left everton, and 3) any publicity good publicity? ask prescott or sir ian blair that question and im sure they would slap you for making such a stupid statement. criticise us if you like, but a least get your points correct in the first place, thats why we are the peoples club, no fools allowed. anyway, thanks.

    • Please enlighten us to what success Rooney has had since leaving Everton? How many goals has he scored in Europe, or even for England? What trophies has he won at Man U? Oh yes! the League Cup.

    • i feel sorry for the fella who had to translate his pig grunts into english and think of proper words instead of #$%$ nob 'ed, la, judy, and prozzy

    • hold on insanelad but rooney since he's left gods park hasn't scored in a competitive england match, and has picked up the the fizzy-cola cup, YEP WE EVERTONIANS ARE BRIMMING WITH ENVY!!!!!!!!!!

    • So we shouldn't support a team because they are 'perennial' losers. Thats speaks volumes for your character, who do you support Man. Utd. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea???? you obviously have the right name for yourself.
      And just for the record I love being an Evertonian, C'MON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!!!

    • spot on deadman! its about money we didnt offer enough so off he went, the fat kid also reckons sir david was jealous of him, excuse me but moyesie was always happy to see the fat kid do well, whether it was picking up awards (bbc sports personality) or appearing for england.