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  • Do you want Graveson back? Even as a Red, I'd love to see him playing for Everton again if he did as good a job as first time around. He had a greater impact upon the team than Rooney.

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    • I think it would depend which Gravesen came back: the one that was superb for the half season leading up to his move to Madrid, or the one that had played for us before that. Prior to that half season he had been at best hit and miss, and at worst utter shyte.

      I think the depth we have in the middle means we dont need him. We replaced him with Arteta who in my humble opinion is one of the most gifted players I've seen at Goodison.

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      • Gravesen going was the key reason why we started our slump a couple of seasons ago. He provided the backbone for our midfield, which other players benefitted from (such as Carsley). After he left, our second half of the season form was dire. Even now, despite the class of Arteta and industry of Cahill, I think we lack that 'Keane' type figure in front of the back line. However, you are right about which Tommy G comes back (has another couple of years done him any good at Real? He never was the quickest). If he's the right price, I'd give it a go though!

    • what a strange question from a red!!! I wouldn't love to see anybody playing for Liverpool (except Claus Thomsen)