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    take your #$%$ ws and the rest of scotland threads and stick them up some jockanese clay pipe cos frankly i dont think anyone cares anymore!!!!!

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    • CUD NT AGREE MORE WALTER SMITH ????? every time he is on here why he aint related to Everton no more in anyway

    • bit like chinese whispers this thread lol!!!!!! posted this to tell yahoo to shove big bad walter off to the rangers website and allkinds of comotion is going on.... allthough i do understand where your coming from :-)

    • You make a very interesting point about society and what is accpetable. I will try to keep this thread about football but there is a wider issue.
      Shakespear and his plays are associated with the Royal Theatre and considered highbrow. Yet when they were first performed the audience was encouraged to participate much in the same way as a modern pantomime. In fact at Christmas time while watching 'The Snow Queen' my kids were actively encouraged to boo and hiss at the baddies and cheer the goodies often causing long script pauses during the performance.
      Why then is it wrong to boo and jeer the baddie in black on a saturday afternoon?
      I do concede that all to often the ugly heads of racism and bigotry enter our football arenas and this cannot be tolerated on any level. But with regards to the hostility of fans towards each other during the game is surely part and parcel of football. Those of us with at least average intelligence know to leave it on the terraces when we leave the ground.
      My kids would not have jeered the actress playing the 'Snow Queen' if they met her in the foyer, they would know that the performance was over and it was time to return to reality.
      So let it be with football.
      Please allow me the couple of hours of escapism that football gives me before i have to return to the nanny state that tells me what to say, think, do, etc. Allow me to question the parentage of a bad referee, or the eye sight of an indecisive linesman.
      My kids know the difference why cant everybody else?

    • Just think now you'll get all the Stallone #$%$ too!

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      • This is the first time ever I went to an Everton Match. The only reason which lead me to go was to see Sylvestor stallone on the field.

        It was great!! however, I took my wife and her friend but was let down by the appauling swearing behind me and around me.

        I was just thinking; not only the swearing put me off but also when 1 of the key players for reading got injured there were shouts of "get him off the F***** T*** etc"

        Why am I subject to all this? what makes me feel that the atmosphere was electric? Nothing! - It was full of abuse, anger, scorn, threats and vulgarity. I never witnessed this when I went to see liverpool play in sept 1996 when they played chelsea and won.

        I'm not that much of a football fan by any means and only wish that the best teams win!! I support both, because it's a game at the end of the day and they are there to win in the best sportsmans kind of way! Not in a war-like attitude!

        How can anyone pay and expect top results? There's more to football, it's about encouragement, support, strength, skill and all kinds before anyone wins. These contribute to winning from both fans and management! Thank you

        And regards to Stallone for the one who says "stallone #$%$ etc" I would like you to know that; We should be priveliged that sylvestor came to liverpool to see your horrible scouse attitude!!

    • ...and news about Danny Cadamarteri, I mean thanks Danny, and all that, but it was 10 bleedin' years ago!