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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 7, 2007 20:21 Flag

    TeamTalk hit the nail on the head on this one!

    Not one to spend much time on message boards, but felt I had to answer the damming justification of why Everton are a "small-minded" club.

    1. The initial criticism of Benitez's remarks was due to the fact that he claimed Everton were a "Small" club, not "small-minded" so either your or his command of the English language is suspect.

    2. In any case, Everton are neither.

    3. Everton played the way they saw fit in order to get the best result they could, which in the end could have been even better had Johnson converted the best chance of the match.

    Indeed, the tactics reminded me a lot of those used by Benitez on route to the Champions' League in 2005. Playing defensively to defeat Chelsea and Juventus to get to the final seemed perfectly acceptable then, didn't it?

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