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  • Appears he has a get out clause in his contract that means he can sign for anyone else for £4 million.

    Looks like we are going to get his signature, but what bugs me is that he was on our books in 1997 and it's gonna cost us £4 million to get him back plus increased wages! Something not right somewhere

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    • You're totally out of order mate.

      It's County Road.........and it's BurgerKing not McD's. He works there with Earl Barrett.

    • have you been to McDonalds on Ormskirk Rd ?

      only kidding if your watching john.

      it's Switch Island isn't it ?

    • fair comment. Shame we let him go 10 years ago! lol Could've saved ourselves £4 million.

      Next we'll be re-signig John Ebbrell! What ever happend to that guy?

    • He's a good and versatile player who should have been at a bigger club long b4 now,so if he costs 4 mill it's money well spent.

    • yeah, we could be supporting the #$%$ and buying every spanish reject going.

    • I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Glass half full/half empty sort of thing.

      Was the reason that no-one was interested in Lescott because we had him signed and sealed quickly and efficiently?

      Before Howard signed on loan there was no dithering. He signed, we heard about it.

      Johnson was approached by other clubs but I don't agree that was us dithering, you may recall that Simon Jordan was determined (quite rightly) to get the most he could for Johnson and played a lot of that transfer through the media to increase the price. Johnson had a duty to look at all the offers that were open to him before deciding on the one that was best for him. That's not DM dithering in my book.

      Sissoko obviously gave DM the impression that he was going to sign and then didn't. It would have been better if the club had made no comment before he had signed but in these days of t'interweb there aren't many secrets.

      I class dithering in this context as a manager who isn't sure who he wants to sign and spends too long deciding and then someone else steps in. I don't agree that has happened at all. I think in the early days he was a little cautious but maybe when there is such limited funds that seems a sensible approach?

      In my book Moyes has done wonders. When I look back to where we were when he arrived and where we are now I'm surprised that there is any dissenting in the ranks.

      I agree that there have been mistakes along the way, I'm sure Moyes would agree as well. But that's always going to be the case. As to whether he can take us any further only time will tell. There's a lot worse out there!