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    third party ownership....

    I still don't understand this third party ownership biz fully...
    but I just read that Manuel Fernandes contract is jointly owned by Benfica and a sports management company.
    what does mean for us then in trying to sign him?...
    any lawyers out there enlighten me please!

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    • this is more common in italy where a big club will own the player with a smaller club- the player generally playing at the smaller club- and for the transfer to go through you need to agree a fee with both teams. i guess with this its the same in principle only you have to pay a fee to both benfica and this sports management team that both are happy with.

    • Isn't that type of person called a canny businessman?

      Look what Bates did at Leeds. Put them into admin knowing they would be docked 10 points when it was virtually assured they would be relegated anyway, thus avoiding a 10-point deduction next season. AND, he only has to pay 1p in the pound back to the creditors. Now that is a farce

      Tranmere and Leeds first game of the season too, should be a good un. In-bred Hoodies versus sheep shaggers, lol

    • Last I heard Risdale was at Barnsley but he may have moved on to Cardiff as Sam Hammam, he of Wimbledon fame, sold his share of the club.

      Thing is you had to admired Risdale for wanting the best for his boyhood club but he was buying players with loan money in the hope that Leeds woulw in everything, including the Champions League. Crazy but unfortuantely Leeds are now paying the price big time. Aren't they still paying the likes of Danny Mills (now at Hull after leaving Man City), Peter Reid, David O'Leary, Mark Viduka. Now there's a crazy situation Leeds created.....Viduka was on £60k a week after moving from Celtic and get this....part of his salary was based on him supplying Aussie players. Wanna know how many he supplied during his time there? One, just one saltry player and that enabled him to earn £60k a week and you wonder why they went bust! Another story I heard was that Leeds hired a fish tank for their front office. Guess how much that was per week to hire? £1500 a week, for bloody fish! Crazy club and rightly sent down. I hated going there, worst atmosphere of any club I've visited. Not alot of people cried when they went down.

      Does this mean Leeds will be playing Tranmere next season? How the might have fallen