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    can you do it this season?

    can everton overtake liverpool in the league next season?

    will you do it an what will make the difference?

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    • our board becomes ful of #$%$ coz some guys are easy to wind up and react to it everytime

      the smart move would be to ignore it

    • i think most people causin grief on our board are non lfc trying to get a rise out of us

    • i like the lfc board but you must admit it can get frustrating when a good thread gets hijaked by two people having a row i do think whats missing from our team is the hardest thing to find a bit of inspiration so its possible it may take a while to find that

      it's not my intention to be all doom and gloom

    • Hey seaniceman....4get Barrymores #$%$....Your in danger of dissapearing up your own #$%$.Agrophobic hate filled person that u r.

    • Arteta is the key, but then so are many players around him.
      AJ has given us something else up front which is creating space for other players to chip in with goals.
      Carsley the last few seasons has played out of his skin, shame his first couple of years with us were forgetful, but then again he had Graveson stealing the limelight.

      Cahill is important but after the way we finished the season I think bringing him back would disrupt the teams' balance.

      Vaughan has been a revelation and has given us something extra up front. I only hope his injury problems are behind him as he is one unlucky lad so far. Anichebe needs to chill a bit but he is pure raw agression and the fans love him for his passion.

      Stubbs has been a rock in defence. he seems to have found his 2nd wind from somewhere. Yobo, apart from the odd wobbler he is prone to, was solid also.

      But for me the star player last year was Lescott. What a find he has been and has made the left-back slot his own and should be kept there. For once other clubs dallied over him but we bit the bullet and signed him which is so un-Everton like. But jeez are we reaping the rewards.

      Howard is another important player and we gladly snapped him up for peanuts. Turner, despite glowing reports, has looked shaky when he's been called upon. maybe he can't hack the big stage. Jon Ruddy on the other hand looks at ease when he has played so the keeping position looks safe.

      Can we do it this season? I'd love to say we can but I still think the squad is a bit too bare to sustain a challenge and we were very lucky with injuries last season but you never know!

      It's a funny old game, as someone once said!

    • trouble with us is most people can remember a time when we were the best and now expect success as if it is our right
      which is not the case

      are we on the up? time will tell

      i never expected man u to be so good this year but thhey have players that can make a difference and they have been doing it all season
      we don't have that at the moment we have a level of competence in most positions and in carrager and gerrard the best in the prem at what they do
      but we fail time and time again to break down a determined defence.
      i think we may be like your situation we could maintain our current situation for years or maybe we ill find that one player who makes the difference

      one thing i would say about everton you must hang on to arteta could be the key to something special

    • must admit we have not had a properly gelled team for a while
      most discussions on our board seem to degenerate into a he said she said slaggin match wich can be depressing when trying to have a football debate.
      also people state their transfer hopes as fact as if saying it makes it true
      can't fault their passion for the club though
      respect to what moyes has done with you guys
      do you feel that he may get into the sam allardyce boltonsituation where he has taken you as far as poss?