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  • just heard that the directors were at chester zoo and were overheard saying to a fellow evertonian to be pateint over davy nugent and there will be a suprise!

    be nice if we get him soon... also well done with tieing up arteta and cahill now maybe the RS will ram it about them leaving to arsenal and west ham! they have sense

    not too sure about phil jag... i like the look of that little welsh lad who plays for cardiff that they keep refusing bids on

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    • Seanice, why would we wish we had the support you have, average crowds of 10,000 less than we already have???? Selling season tickets off at discounted rates throughout the season???? having to offer discounts to attract a decent home crowd...... I doubt very much if we aspire to that kind of support!!!!! Roll on the new Anfield 75,000 supporters a week to drown out the whines from across the park!

    • no doubt about it Cahil and arteta are big players for Eveton and there recent resignings are great news for the club. On the othter hand recent signing of jag is a great edition to the club he is a versatile player that can play in a number of positions. Every one is talking about him at the left back position. I think his best suited in the defensive midfield role with cahil playing the attacking role and arteta out wide. Its interesting to see who will play on the other wing as there are many options. Maybe Osman?

    • I put forward the proposal that Everton should become a feeder club for Liverpool.....

    • We won nothing last season, but the season before that we won a trophy, the season before that we won another trophy, in fact, since Neverton have won their last trophy, we've won 7 in that time. You have won absolutely shitall in the last 10 years, and your going on about how we had a blip last season, no ambitions, small club...jog on mate...hahahahhahahahahahha

    • Hence, proving my theory.