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  • good to see our faithful board are doing the usual and puckering up tighter than a nuns #$%$!!!!

    seems everyone else is enjoying spending there part of the tv money we were all granted and what do we buy???? #$%$ all!!!

    just hope moyes makes me eat my words and gets some signings soon... they need to be with the team now not last min to gel so whats going on??

    nugent 6 mil..... apparently thats a bit much for a unproven striker ( england u21 and 1 game 1 goal for the first team) not saying i wanted him but with the transfer market booming in price 6 mil is cheap..... how much did we pay for beattie??? exactly!!!

    hate to say it but why as a euro qualified side have we bought a 4 mil ex everton youth from a relagated side and even wigan have signed and spent more..

    any comments?

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    • Alan Smith did real good at Leeds but I'm not sure if him or his buddies (Kewell and others) ever put in a similar performance to what they did for Leeds. So for me Richardson probably gets the vote. Next season could well be make or break for the toffees. And re Lister's comment about not spending, any good businessman knows leaving the money in the bank means you don't know what to do next.

    • airfix,

      Seeing that lister & seaniceman1 #$%$ are far too busy spamming to answer your concerns, I'll give you my honest opinion.

      I think Everton are heading for trouble. Someone on the chelsea board said you are waiting for the Roman equivalent and this could well be true but if it doesn't happen then you are in trouble. Why? Well the EPL will be giving out more money than ever before but in order to cash in on this you need to be able to compete effectively, avoid relegation and aim for europe. This means spending money UPFRONT on good squad players. There is a risk here that if you do spend big and get relegated then you are in even bigger trouble.

      Your club needs to take calculated risks but it seems either your board doesn't want to, or they don't have absolute belief in Moyes (betty?), or Moyes thinks he can get away with a small tightly knit squad. As things stand a couple of serious long term injures to key players and goodnight vienna.