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  • hi people !!!!!!!!!!!11

    i caved in and bought a playstation 3!!!!

    im now on line and playing againsst the world but need you help!!!!!!!

    my team is called "everton legends" but need your help on the matter!!!

    ill give you what i have please fill the gaps

    1= nev southhall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9= BIG DUNC!!!!!!!!!!! love the guy sorry!!
    10= dixie !!!!! had to be!!!!!

    please filll the gaps and ill mention you alll!!!!!

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    • It wasn't aimed at you, but i think you have missed the point. I wanted the posters here to pick their legends 11.

      I had this mad notion that a discussion about football might be a pleasant change on this site!

      Its well and good to list some of the many legendary Evertonians but try to put them in an 11 is a bit more difficult. For example it is hard not to pick Harvey, Ball and Kendall but equally hard to leave out Reid, and so on.

      Sheedy will always be in my 11 because not only was he a great Evertonian he also scored the equaliser against the 'Ould Enemy' in Italia 90. Jeez, is my 'brogue' finally showing through!!

    • your prob lister is u keep jumpin to conclusons about people! I see airfox as modle poster here.

    • I am going to give Airfix the benefit of the doubt and suggest he was opening a thread that might lead to discussion about who is/was our best left back, center half, etc.

      Mind you his choice of Dunc up front ahead of a true legend like Sharpe may suggest otherwise!

      So perhaps a more interesting thread would be to try and pick a true Everton Legends 11.

      The test will be to sort out the team before the usual suspects and RS turn this thread into another farcical and childish mud slinging battle.