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    did you know about everton

    did you know they were the first team in the english league to have an all seater stadium.............did you also know everton were the first team to were numbers on jerseys in an fa cup match.... i would like to tell ya more buts thats all i got for now

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    • Everton won their first ever Football League match as they beat Accrington Stanley 2-1 at home (which was then Anfield!) on September 8th 1888.

      Everton were the first team to wear the numbers 1-11 on their shirts in a football match. The match was the 1933 FA Cup Final against Manchester City, who wore numbers 12-22. Everton won 3-0, and Dixie Dean was the first ever number 9. Hence, the number 9 shirt has been coveted at Everton ever since!

      Everton were the first English club to appear in European competitions five seasons running (1962-63 to 1966-67).

      Finally, here's one to wind up the Kopites with when they bleat on about their 18 League titles. Everton have held the Division One title longer than any other English team, a record 20 years! The Blues were Champions on the eve of both World Wars and, as a result, held the Divison One title for five seasons between 1914-15 and 1918-19 seasons, and then held it for eight seasons between 1938-39 and 1945-46. No other English club has held the title for eight consecutive years!