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    Worst EFC Strikers.....

    Something that was mentioned in a previous thread reply about poor centre-forwards that played for the Blues. Thought it would make a good thread to start a good debate before the season starts.

    Brett Angell was mentioned. I listed Paul Wilkinson, Alan Biley and Mick Fergsuon.

    Can anyone else name a poor striker who we had the mis-fortune to buy or bring up through the ranks?

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    • Imre Varadi? Now that's a name from the past. Hungarian born striker from Paddington! I don't think he was that bad was he? Blistering pace but very little skill.

      Bought by Gordon Lee for £80,000 from Sheffield United but sold to Newcastle for £100,000 when he was sacked and Kendall joined the club.

      I do remember him scoring in a Derby match. Scoring the winner in a 2-1 defeat of the RS.
      Here's his record :-

      Sheffield United 10 4
      Everton 26 6
      Newcastle United 81 39
      Sheffield Wednesday 76 33
      West Bromwich Albion 32 9
      Manchester City 65 26
      Sheffield Wednesday 22 3
      Leeds United 26 5
      Sheffield Wednesday 22 3
      Luton Town (on loan) 6 1
      Oxford United (on loan) 5 0
      Rotherham United 67 25
      Mansfield Town 1 0
      Scunthorpe United 2 0
      Total 441 154

      Statto, statto......... lol

    • I will suggest this to him.....however I may change the Albert Dock location to a Super Stadium to rival the biggest in the world that would incorporate Analfield......Well our reserves will need somewhere to play!!!!

      I would also suggest that a reinactment of the actual moment of the original wish might make a re-occurrence even more likely.......so down several beers and wait for the magic!!!!

      On a more serious note, if I may add, Madeline is in my prayers daily and will be til her safe return.

    • ....nice story...

      ...can you ask him to wish for Madeline McCann to be returned to her parents, another 3-0 spanking of the RS, a spanky new stadium on the Albert Dock and Ronaldinho to start against Wigan...
      ...not much to ask for a second wish to come true.

    • Not exactly about worst EFC strikers but more a follow up anecdote about the aforementioned 'friggin Walter Smith'.

      If anybody has been to West Ham away they will probably be aware of the Central Pub on Barking Road, near the ground.

      It was a midweek game and we had been beaten 1-0 by them. It wasn't the fact that we lost it was the manner of the defeat. West Ham were, on the night, s**te, according to their own fans and I wouldn't disagree. However we were a shambles. Rhino playing on the wing...etc (in fact I think the kit man played up front!)Ah remember the confused look on the fans faces, the players faces and it seems on the oposition faces.

      Anyway a few of us who were staying down in London got involved in some liquid inspired post-mortems in the Central after the game. It was hard to concentrate with the odd Hammer chant of 'Goin down! Goin down! Goin Down!'. But we kept our chins up. As the Barman was calling time one of my mates in an attempt to put a formal end to proceedings uttered the following immortal words.....'If I could have one wish right now it would be to see the back of friggin Walter Smith!'

      The following day his dismissal was announced and my mate still drinks out on the fact that his one wish in life saved Everton FC.

    • ..friggin walter smith..........

    • Joined Everton from Montpellier Hérault in October 1998 (£4,500,000), so whoever was in charge then. My mind has gone blank! Must've been quite a memorable time for the club, lol.

      Left Everton for Olympique Marseille in June 1999 (£4,000,000).

      Thing is, he had a goals ratio of 1 in 3 which in the premiership is not bad!

      Here are his current stats.....

      The rumour about him being 10 yrs older than what he actually was mustn't have been true, otherwise he'd be 41 now! lol

    • who was the big african guy ... ivory coast i think? christ he was that bad ive forgot his name!

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      • Are you thinking of Bakayoko?

        If so, did you know that this guy was actually 7 years older than what his passport and birth certificate said!

        We signed him as a 21 yr old for £4.25 million, when he was actually 28 years old!

        Did Mike Walker sign him?

        To be honest I didn't think that Amokachi was that bad! He was African young player of the year and he scored a wonder goal in the World Cup, hence our reason for buying him. He graduated as a lawyer in America and still lives there. he just wasn't given the chance at Everton and was too young to try and crack it in this country.

    • Stuart Barlow......scored wheever he went....except for us....

      absolute shyte.....