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  • Enda N Enda N Aug 27, 2007 15:54 Flag

    Call yourselves fans!!!

    I find the recent posts on this site laughable. References to 'worst club ever' and 'Keystone cops' because we lost out on Fernandes and Yakubu got refused a permit.

    Firstly, Fernandes going to Spain has less to do with EFC dithering as it has to do with MSI or Mr Jorabchaim wanting more money. Perhaps the 'fans' would have liked Uncle Bill to rush the signature through to get the lad in only to find that we are then in litigation etc etc as West Ham did last year. Instead EFC agreed the deal on offer and then refered the matter to the Premier League. As far as we were concerned, the agreement was there subject to approval from the league. Valencia now aware that the League are not going to rush the contract through come out and offer more to both Benfica and MSI. The total package excluding wages is potentialy £40 million. No....according to our 'fans' this is value!!!!!!!!!!!! Muppets

    Secondly,Yakubu's work permit is beyond our control. Did 'Boro realise that the permit would be refused and tried to sell the player anyway? No. Did EFC sign the player and pay the money without checking with the Home Office first? No. Did EFC show ambition and an ability to compete in the ridiculously over inflated Transfer Market? Yes. Personally i think Yakubu is a waste of money but hopefully if the paper work gets sorted he will prove me wrong.

    I think we as a football club handled ourselves very well in both these matters. We were not afraid to try to sign a 'third party' player but remained cautious throughout. We have not been afraid to put our hands in our pockets and yet again break the clubs transfer fee record to get the player Moyes wants.

    Don't get me wrong I am not always a defender of EFC Management or the board and wept daily when Peter 'lucifer' Johnson was destroying us. I feel there is a new optimism around the club that has been building over this Chairmans tenure and true fans will realise this and get behind the club.

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    • As I said before, if Fernandes is capable of doing that to Everton then we're better off without him. My condolences to Valencia for having signed such a s++t.

      My "Typical Everton" comment last night refelected the fact that It seems that we manage to make the most of complicating our signings, but I suppose the same thing happens at other clubs, we just never pay much attention to what goes on elsewhere.

      Nil satis...

    • Perfect, totally agree with all that. On Fernandes better to be safe than sorry, if there is the slightest doubt don't sign him,there are other players capable of doing a similiar job to Fernandes