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  • Enda N Enda N Sep 4, 2007 15:25 Flag

    Anichebe's so called English snub!!!!

    Just a comment made in one of the other threads about being upset by Vic choosing Nigeria over England and suggesting McClaren is at fault!!!!

    Did it ever occur to people or the popular press that rather than being a snub for England the lad is actually Nigerian!!!???

    He was born in Lagos and I am pretty sure that wasn't McClarens fault. He can be blamed for alot but not for the birthplace of our strikers!!!

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    • And now a recall for Heskey!!!!

      ''I rest my case Ma' Lord''

    • Sorry etnagle perhaps i did'nt make myself very clear. Of course i dont blame McClaren for Vic's or anyone elses birthplace. As you rightly say Vic was born in Lagos so therefore has every right to play for Nigeria, and do so with pride.

      My point was, it cannot be very reassuring,or give hope to, any fringe or up and coming players (especially those who have a choice) to see a manager who continues with the 'same old' policy and the 'same old' players and whose only idea of experiment is to play those 'same old' players out of position. Lack of form seems to have no bearing on some of his decisions either.
      I am aware injuries have a major influence on any managers selection of squads etc. but in my opinion Mr.McClaren is'nt making the most of what is available to him,or indeed give it a try.
      Being an English Evertonian i obviously have a biased opinion so therefore would have loved to see Vic pull on the England shirt but sadly now that will not happen,but i wish him every success with the nation he has chosen.