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  • Tel'sablue Tel'sablue Sep 19, 2007 15:39 Flag

    Scoring for the Blades.

    James Beattie seems to have found his feet again in the Championship,as he did for Southampton prior to coming to us.

    Shame for us he could'nt quite "cut it" against the Premier League defences.

    Welcome other peoples opinions on Beattie's successes/failures,but can we please stick to the football.

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    • ...to be honest i thought he was crud..

      When he headbutted that Chelski player on the back of the head, ithought ....oh mygod, what a wally.

      Just when we needed something from him that sason he just never seemed to perform.....shame, cos he can score goals

      I wish him well, i truly do, but to wear the number 9 for Everton, you need to something more...........im glad hes gone, no room for sentiment..................VDM, next....please