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  • Enda N Enda N Sep 22, 2007 18:15 Flag

    On the subject of refereeing........

    To Mr Lister,

    I am not having a go by the way nor is it sour grapes about thursday night but it's the inconsistency of refereeing that gets us the fans upset.

    I have no problem with a ref who is a stickler for the rules and refs accordingly. Likewise I have no problem with a ref who would sooner see a game flow than to pull up every minor infringement. What I do have a problem with is when a stickler suddenly lets something go that he blew for earlier or vice versa. (God I hope that makes sense!)

    The ref blew for encroachment and had the spot kick retaken. A very correct decision according to the laws of the game. He then decided that what followed didn't require any action to be taken!

    Penalty 1 : Anichebe didn't gain an advantage because AJ scored!
    Penalty 2: Defenders didn't gain an advantage because the keeper had the ball.
    Penalty 3: No advantage to anyone because AJ hit it over.

    Consistency would decree that in none of the above cases would require a re-take.......my oppinion!

    Ask yourselves the following question....if AJ put the first penalty wide would the ref still have blown?

    Finally we got penalized for AJ scoring but they didn't for him missing and that is what has annoyed me.

    Finished ranting now....gonna have a cold beer....glad for the opportunity to get this off my chest!!!