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  • John John Dec 29, 2007 20:26 Flag

    Good luck on an entertaining game today

    From a Gooner.

    You certainly have proven to be the team to beat this part of the season. Unlucky against Utd, robbed by Pool. I only hope our lads will pick up their game from their performance against Pompey or we could be in trouble.

    Any chance you could convince Moyesie to leave off Arteta and Cahill? LOL

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    • ....Pad, why do you take yaself so seriously..........no-one else does..

      remember the song, ''champions league'' your havin a laff''......you boob, yeah we werent ready, so what..........we got over it, you obviously havent and if i recall we went thru a qualifying round to Villareal who went all the way to the semis, you PUTZ, so put aside the wanqy decison by that bald prik Collanda we playd a decent team.............as usual Pad, your talking out ya backside bud.