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  • John John Dec 30, 2007 06:40 Flag

    Good luck on an entertaining game today


    I'm going to be honest here mate. I also going to try and be fair (gulp). I've read some of the other comments about todays game, and I have to conclude that:-

    1.Everton played and beat us at our own game in
    the first half.

    2. I did not expect a win today, I expected a draw
    at best, based on current form and our

    3. I did not expect the yellows and reds to be
    flying all over the game either. Our teams don't
    have a history of over physicality (if that's a

    4. When we changed our game plan from short
    direct passing to long ball, Everton didn't seem
    to react to it.

    5. The scoreline flattered us today, especially
    when you consider that our goals weren't up to
    our usual quality.

    6. The main difference seemed to be the desire.
    After the Utd defeat, our boys were much
    more 'up for it'.

    7. Based on this half of the season, Moysie
    should have your boys in or very near a CL
    place ahead of your big spending neighbours.