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  • I M I M Jan 6, 2008 06:15 Flag

    Serious Question!

    Can someone tell why you lot are so bitter about Liverpool?Its a serious question-i dont like Man utd and i,m made up when anybody beats them-even when you beat them in Cup Final in 95-but all the Blues fans i know are so unbelievably bitter towards Liverpool-Why?
    As ive said its a serious question so please no swearing etc-if you can be truthful and say why

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    • A long suffering fan, but there are reasons to be cheerful - we are definitely on the up, recent league positions prove that beyond any doubt.

      Was having a constructive conversation today with a RED regarding the new owners and Liverpool's finances. He was not best pleased, said the new owners had plunged the club into the red (for want of a better word) in order to finance the new ground (and are begginning to struggle with the finances, hences revisiting the ground plans). Apparently they aren't dipping their hands into their own pockets at all. They are no Abramovich's!!

      Remember how all the Liverpool fans took great delight in a certain Peter Johnson raping and pillaging our club? Is the boot about to be put on the other foot????

      I remember seeing a banner being waved by a REDS fan which read "mission accomplished agent Johnson", when it looked like Everton would be relegated.

      All I can say is god speed agents Gillett & Hicks.............do your worst.

      Oh and that's not being bitter - that's retribution!!!

    • ..........ever met a scouser.....dyckhead....

    • I am a true Everton fan and i love watching ALL foootball, but the main reason why i hate Liverpool FC is that when we nearly got relegated they had a going down party at there supports club....so you see most Evertonians will hate Liverpool just for that fact alone.

    • You still couldnt answer my initial question properly though!
      never mind.......be happy in having 1 decent season every 20 years!