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  • duncan t duncan t Jan 15, 2008 07:26 Flag

    Goodison is scarier than Anfield

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger reckons Goodison Park has overtaken Anfield in terms of atmosphere, describing Liverpool's ground as "genteel".And Wenger also revealed he considered re-signing Nicolas Anelka, the former Arsenal striker who moved from Bolton to Chelsea last week in a £15million deal.

    He said: "Liverpool is the same kind of support but Everton is a bit more aggressive because Everton is up at the moment.

    "Over the last one or two years, especially, it has been one of the noisiest grounds and has a great atmosphere.

    "Liverpool is the same but now a little bit more genteel."

    so much for the historic kop ........

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    • you lot do not no wat your goin about, of course goodison is a scarier than Anfield , for 1 we are above them , we have real supportes , not ones that travel from differant cities our's are from Liverpool, and we do not need money from Dubai ha ha he .

    • ...avoiding the scousers in the team question still spud??..........oh dear, you really are backtracking now....tut tut.....

    • PAd let me answer your questions for you, so lets be straight, you dont sidestep them all again.........because yes Pad, spuddy, you dont tend to answer questions do you....

      If i said Baines was born in Wigan, please show me, the players we have been always talking about as scousers are Stubbs, Osman, Baines and Hibbert....Osman was brought up in Skem, if that isnt being a scouser, what else is spud.........but then not being one how would you know..????
      if i said otherwise show me and ill apologise, quite easily........on the condition obvioulsy that you now acknowledge the other 3 are scousers...DO YOU CONFIRM, soud that Stubbs, Hibbert and Baines are scousers???....ie =3, nit 2, spud, 3..........good lad...

      ...im glad you now agree with me that Walton is in Merseyside and NOT IN Liverpool, took you about a week spud to google parlimentary constituencies, not the City of Liverpool spud, Walton Merseyside....got it good lad...

      ...now ive covered your questions and put you straight..again, answer the questions b4 you spud, dont do a little Gordy Brown and sidestep them....how many scousers do you have in your reserve and youth set ups, compared to Evertons..............????

    • The other point to note Duncan, is that nowhere does Arsene comment that the Everton fans throw stuff at players (other than abuse). There are some grounds where this is still evident (not going to mention them, but we all know where), but not 'Blue Noses'.

      Everton are playing great football, and have a few very talented players at the top of their game at present. Credit where credits due. Moyes is doing a great job for your lot.

      A Gooner.

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      • Good post John.

        Great to see comments like that from other supporters instead of the usual anal tripe that spews it self onto these boards from the RS.

        They must be thinking that they are back on track now after the 5-0 mauling of Luton last night! The same Luton that has sold most of it's team and had Don Hutchinson at centre-half !

        Anyone remember his goal that was disallowed in the Derby. He's gone down in folk-lore as scoring a winning goal in a Derby yet having it scrubbed because the ref blew his whistle, even though the replays show Poll never blew his whistle until after the ball and gone in.

    • You said it... Historic, i.e in the past!

      Anyway, you can't really blame the Kopites for the subdued atmosphere, I mean given that in August they had all but won the Premier League and the rest were making up the numbers, it must be quite hard to come to terms with missing the boat again and, on top of that, not even be certain of a European Place, 'cos on recent form a top-half finish might be a good result for them!