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  • John John Jan 28, 2008 17:43 Flag

    Thought it fair to say....

    I have just started a thread on the Arsenal board, asking for views on Joleon Lescott. Apparently he has been touted as a possible transfer target for clubs playing in the CL.

    Moyes has said that although he does not want to sell him, he would find it hard to refuse a good offer.

    I have simply asked fellow gooners if they believe he would fit into our set up, and if they think he is good enough.

    Not wishing to criticise his rise in the EPL, as it has been very good under Moyes. His International debut however, could have gone a lot better.

    Your thoughts?

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    • I don't think business is business is acceptable. What is the point of putting together a team of talented young (sometimes) inexperienced players, playing in Europe and with as good a chance as any of playing CL football next year if you're gonna sell one of your prize assets 'cos the right bid came in?

      I, personally, would be gutted if we agreed to sell Lescott because that would indicate to me that Moyes' ambition had reached it's limits and Cahill, Arteta, Yakubu, AJ etc would be next to go.

      I can understand cashing in on McFadden, but would not accept the same of one of the cornerstones of our CL push.

    • Do'nt know if i believe AW after all he says he never sees any incidents that happen on the pitch right infront of him. Jees i hope i have'nt made a huge mistake & the poor b*ggar's going blind and not telling porkies. Seriously though Joleon is a class act & would in time command a regular place in any side he played for,but we really do not want to lose him now that the future is looking a lot brighter for us & JL has to be a part of that,but if the money is right.Business is business as they say.

    • AW says we aren't in the race for Woodgate.....So back to my earlier thread...LOL

    • Would we care about his loyalty to his home town club if he was coming to us as a replacement for Stubbs !!! i think not.Quality players are always in demand so choices have to be made.

    • He's not the first, and he certainly wont be the last to turn his back on his home town team. Even if they gave him a huge lift up.