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  • Longthorn Longthorn Feb 5, 2008 16:14 Flag

    the 'real' top 4

    Allow me to dumn down for you 'forever....whatever.....' When you say everybody, what you really mean is Liverpool fans i.e. you lot. That's what's really funny about all this, you lot (and only you lot) are under the impression you are up there with the big boys - pitifull, you aren't.

    Still thinking of mounting a challenge for the league? Ha Ha Ha

    Wake up and smell the coffee....everybody else has.

    Oh and by the way, it was only the season before last that you lot ended up with egg on your faces when you though you would finish above us.....but what happened.....you didn't!

    I have heard it all now, a Liverpool fan who thinks 5th is in actual fact 4th. Why not pretend 5th is actually 1st - and kid yourself you are champions?? If things get really bad, you could even pretend 8th/9th is in actual fact 4th.

    Ha Ha Ha