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  • Longthorn Longthorn Feb 13, 2008 21:12 Flag

    just what england needed....

    Lad's, I feel I must correct you on a point - Liverpools bubble did not burst a few weeks ago, and it angers me to hear you people say that...........................it was more like a few years ago (bar a fortuitous cup win that only served to paper over obvious gaping cracks). In one respect I am glad they ragged (sorry won) it - look at the state they are in now!! Lets face it, how many points have Everton dropped lately, AND WE ARE STILL ABOVE THEM.....go figure!

    He he he.

    Just one question, what's all this 'blue nose' business?? Applying the RS mentality, does that make them 'red noses'? Probably does - isn't red nose day to do with comedy..........I mean lets face it, they are becoming a bit of a laughing stock!!