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  • Adie J Adie J Feb 20, 2008 19:32 Flag

    Everton in general

    I 100% agree with you, this squad needs to win silverware....regularly... to even be mentioned in the same breath of the 80's team. But i do think its the best we've had since then.

    Without doubt, if we are to break into the top 3 of Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea then we need a better squad and i think the finances generated by a new stadium will help no end...just look at the figures generated by the Emirates.

    Of our current crop, i think Arteta, Cahill, Lescott, Yobo and the way he's currently playing Jagielka can get into the top teams (or at least they would want them as top class squad players). For the future, i think Osman, Baines, Vaughan, Anichebe are real prospects too.

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    • On the subject of the new stadium, I believe the capacity is to be around the 55,000 mark? Is this enough?

      When you look at the capacity of Old Trafford, The Emirates (?), the proposed new Liverpool ground, we will fall far short of what they can hold - so in effect we are already playing catch up, even before the thing is built.

      I suppose the main priority is to actually fill the ground with fans, but it does make you wonder how we plan to compete on a financial level with the other clubs if their grounds hold up to 20,000 more than ours.