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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 27, 2008 23:15 Flag

    .....Seaniceman the Coward.........

    you know i cant have been dogs_of_war cos you know i've been on these boards for years. like when i used to bukky you and you still hol d a grudge. you are really are a sad child. you cant take you lost the bet i aint dogs of war you are such a waste of time. i really thought you might have some honour in you when i gave you proof. it's just a waste of time your life. you agree to a deal when you are prooved wrong you cant take it you are the biggest low life in history. if you cant take it you #$%$ i wont waste anymore time talking to you on this board. i'll come and destroy you tomorrow. no honour at all. you cant stick to a bet. i reckon you wont turn up. the biggest coward ever. what was the point of the bet if you cant evven hold up your side of it.