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  • Scouse.Brown Scouse.Brown Mar 7, 2008 05:52 Flag

    Evertons latest European Game

    OMFG i can not believe that they have played that poor, i havent seen them play that bad this season. Looked like no-one could kick or pass the ball. We are better than that, we should be come back fighting on the home leg.
    Come on Moyes fire up the team and lets sort things out, let this be the 1st and last bad performance.

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    • Firstly - I'm a Red.

      Don't throw in the towel yet - it's not over. A first half goal at Goodison will build confidence for a good second-half.

      You've done it lots of times this season, keeping it tight at the back and nicking goals. Keep a clean sheet, and you'll go through.

      Maybe another great night of European football on Merseyside???

      I'm hoping it will be an Everton v Liverpool European Super Cup next year !!!

      Best of luck bluenoses.


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      • How close was my assessment??

        Unlucky, but still very well played.

        On the bright side, it's the sort of experience that helps for the future. It wasn't too long ago that we were struggling in the UEFA Cup. Nights where things go well (or not so well) build up the experience and make the players more determined next time.

        Next step for you guys is to get to the final and then win the UEFA Cup - until then (and I'm sure I'll get slated for saying this) forget about the Champions League. Steady progression is the key.

        Look what happened last time you qualified for the CL - the confidence was knocked out of you, and you slipped quietly out of the UEFA too.

        Again, I say - unlucky.


      • Thanks for a reply, You must be the only Kopite i know that hopes Everton do well.....most of my m8's support LFC and all they do is slag us off.

        Thanks again.