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  • Richard P Richard P Mar 16, 2008 04:26 Flag

    Everton in the CL...Could you do England proud?

    Yes I believe Everton will finish 4th, they will be far from being an embarrassment next season, rather it will be a season of progression and improvement following on from the last few with the exception of a blip when they last played in the cl qualifier.
    I think they will achieve this by spending wisely on players with Champions lg experience.
    To suggest that Everton could be an embarrassment is to nudge away at the ridiculous assumption by some1 that they are a small club. far from it, unlike the Reds, we hopefully won't just target 4th spot as the pinnacle, and even some of the players already this season have mentioned 3rd as a target which considering before today's games we were 10 points behind Arsenal is not a crazy target to aim for!

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    • Yes...I do refer to Everton as a little club, if that was what your attempt at innuendo was aimed at, very clumsily too...

      To be considered worthy participants in the Champions league, surely a pedigree of being winners would help you be taken seriously...

      what have everton got?

      Last league title was of the old 1st division in 1987,

      Any previous cup triumphs in Europe is 23years ago in te ECWC, but I suppose you did win the FA Cup in 1995, 13 years ago...but that proves my point...you are a little club who aspire for greatness in the shadow of the Reds, who have proved themselves, year in year out. That is what the Champions league is about, not a bunch of wannabees......

      The Reds pedigree is 5 European Cups, so I don't see how you can compare...Everton by comparison, are a little club, in a big clubs league.

      need any help for your vitigo ?