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    Everton in the CL...Could you do England proud?

    In the Uefa Cup this year, you have got past games against

    Metalist, Larissa, Nuremberg, St Petersberg, AZ Alkmaar, and SK Brann....none exactly household names except in the towns they come from.

    The first respectable (and not excellent) side you come across you go out.

    This year we have four quarter finalists from England in the QF of the Champions league. A very proud record, and something I'm quite pleased about. I always want English teams to win against european opposition and I was cheering for Everton last night.

    If you get into the 4th spot, you will deserve to be in the Champions league (even if we win the competition IMO), but could you fly the flag proudly enough and represent English football in the way Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal have in recent years??

    All of the pretenders, Spurs, yourselves, Blackburn, and so on have failed in the UEFA Cup the minute you play continental opposition with just some class. Wouldn't the Inter Milans, AC's, Barcelona's etc etc walk all over you...could you qualify from the group? Could you qualify from the qualifiers...or would it be one season as a learning curve, go out in the group stages but develop the side's experiencea bit more.

    I'm not being funny, but what do you genuinely think? If you get there this season, next year you are going to have to raise your game or be an embarassment???

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    • Some of these messages are a bit insulting. The way you criticise makes me laugh

    • Who is the real Seaniceman...anyway ????

    • What a funny board this is........everyone arguing all the time.... Only Sean seems to talk sense.

      Anyone know anything about FOOTBALL...??

      No thought not....OK

      Enjoy your fight.

    • Alfy what penalalty shoutouts have we won whilst being outplayed in 90 or 120 mins? think boy think,.......... u cant think of any can u??? nope thought not

    • For someone who has seen as much as you have you should know better than going on about football and who is better than whoever, whoever u support.
      Okay we lost, but we will hit back in this race for fourth spot cos I seriously believe Liverpool. will lose their testing games against Man U and Arsenal in the League or at the most get a point in each, which I think leads nicely to the derby at Anfield.

    • if u serport liverpool u r a gip and a #$%$! so shut up!

    • Note 1,
      My fellow everton fan wasn't fourth for a few weeks, everton were

      Note 2, I'd get used to Liverpool been behind Everton if I were you

      Note 3, Football is only a game and not the be all and end all!!

    • Easy partner....

      Duncan..read my post at 2:51pm, for further update.......

      'appitamise' then...same word...sounds the same.

      AND I am not a bleedin RS fan for the last time......

      Now do you want to talk football or argue?

    • ha!

      You might think by putting RS in your message that no one thinks you are a Liverpool fan on here to try and get people wound up but you did say Everton are a small club and you are most definitely a Liverpool fan with the list of stats you rolled off yesterday!

      Enough of this 'big four' stuff too, the top 2 are miles away from everybody else in that success runs through everything they do, not just through matches, the mentality, the development of homegrown players and bringing young overseas players in and transforming them into worldbeaters.

      All aspects of those clubs are top notch

    • yes, 'little club' jibe I suppose unnecessary, put in just to get a reaction, mischievous to get a discussion going. Apologies for that, but with the best of intentions Sean Of course I don't think Everton are a little club, but I still keep my view that it should be a Knock out competition involving ONLY the Champions of each country, with the Super Cup against the champions of the Latino Countries to find a world Champion of REAL Champions....I have watched many of the top teams from the 70's, 80's, 90's and seen many fine players turning out for their respective clubs, Evertons included, and had the pleasure of meeting Howard kendall when he was playing in the Midlands, and he lived near me.

      I see what you are saying about big 4...and obviously those clubs need European competition to finance their massive overheads, but in practical terms, isn't it a bit false having a Champions League winner who finished 4th in their respective league...not real Champions at all. I would really like to see it all revert to winners only qualifying for Champions league, and EUFA qualification for the other 3 places, Would give a little more respectavbility and reasoning to the incorrectly named Champions Cup..........

      And while we are at it..get rid of penalties to find a winner after a draw,,,after all wasn't that how RS won a few of their titles after being outplayed !


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